March 31, 2012

New Archive Release: Civil War bundle


I'm surprised this release didn't pop up sooner, but here it is: the tracks that accompanied Ben's Civil War mental breakdown during season two. In addition to "Ben's Lament" and the full "Ben's Battle" track, we get the components that make up the track.

Ben’s Lament
Episode 20: Ben’s office, he lights lantern, Catherine enters

Ben’s Battle
Episode 20: Ben meets with Bobby, Audrey peeks in, Ben presents Bobby with sword, accepts Bobby’s surrender (Full Version)
Episode 21: Audrey arrives in Ben’s office with Jerry (Solo Trumpet and then alternates between Full Version and Solo Percussion)
Episode 21: Waterfall, switch to sheriff’s station, Major stumbles in, asks to see Truman then collapses (Solo Percussion mixed with Solo Trumpet)
Episode 22: Audrey & Jerry in costume with Ben (Full Version)
Episode 22: Ben makes speech in front of confederate flag (Solo Percussion)
Episode 22: Ben collapses (beginning of Full Version [or Solo Percussion])


  1. I think that pictures for 'flute' and 'percussion' versions should be switched ;-) But they are fantastic.

    I can imagine booklet for CD's with all those pictures... WOW that would be great!

  2. Fantastic work as usual Ross!

  3. Thanks guys- these are among my favorites of the covers I've made.

    And Jakub, I actually thought about using the one with the drums as "Solo Percussion", but in the end I decided to leave Solo Percussion as the one with the flag since that is actually what is used in that scene.