April 26, 2011

New Archive release: Love Theme (Laura Palmer's Theme)


Another new Archive release from davidlynch.com. This time its two versions of what is probably the signature theme from the show, Laura Palmer's Theme (aka the Love Theme). The "Alternate" version stays pretty close to the original version but with some interesting variations. The real gem of this release though, is the "Solo Rhodes" version. I believe this version was heard only once in the series- in the pilot when Cooper interrogates Donna about the picnic video. Its lovely, and I'm surprised they didn't use it more. Hearing it on its own is a real treat.

There are, of course, several versions of Laura Palmer's Theme that remain unreleased. Most significantly, the version with piano twinklings from the Jacoby coconut scene, the version with guitar punctuations, and the ethereal version played over the picnic video. Hopefully these will also see the light of day as part of the Archive releases. 

Another very nice release. See my artwork here.

April 19, 2011

New Archive release: Mysterioso bundle from FWWM


The newest release from davidlynch.com is a four track bundle of the FWWM track "Mysterioso". My art/covers are here.

April 12, 2011

New Archive release: Nostalgia bundle


When the second season soundtrack finally saw the light of day back in '07, there were two glaring omissions (in my opinion). The music from Annie & Cooper's dance, "Annie And Cooper" (episode 27), and the organ version of the Twin Peaks theme that plays when Norma's mother confesses to being MT Wentz (episode 17). At the time, the rumor was a third soundtrack was in the works, so I figured that these two biggies were being held for that 3rd release. It was frustrating when that didn't happen. But now, thanks to the Twin Peaks Archive from davidlynch.com, both songs have been released!

Monday, the "Nostalgia bundle" was released featuring the MT Wentz version, entitled "Twin Peaks (Solo Rhodes)" in its full-length glory. Not only that, but we also get the "Nostalgia Version" featured in episode 18 when Ben watches his childhood home-movies. This version, like the televised version, features a short segment of harp & guitar that then fades into the "Rhodes" version. We also get the short harp & guitar segment on its own in its original (faster) version. This original faster version was used for Nadine's suicide attempt in episode 7. It was slowed down when used for Ben's scene.

Amazing release. My artwork for the Rhodes & Nostalgia versions are here.

April 5, 2011

New version of Freshly Squeezed

The newest track released on davidlynch.com is the bass clarinet version of "Freshly Squeezed". One of many versions heard in the series. Go grab it, and check out my art above.

April 1, 2011

Season Two & More

Just added some track art for the "Season Two And More" release. Along with an alternate version of the cover (see above). Click on the Season Two And More tab to check them out.

Non-Twin Peaks custom covers

I've added a bunch of non-Twin Peaks custom soundtrack covers that I've done. Some are complete re-designs, and some are tweaks/spins on the original versions. Click on the Non-Twin Peaks tab to check them out.