May 12, 2012

New Archive Release: Packards' Vibration


The Packards' theme, or "Packards' Vibration", debuted with the intro of Andrew Packard at the end of episode 18 and became the Packards' dominant theme for the rest of the series. The version released on the second soundtrack was one of several tracks "spruced up" for the release. It featured a sped-up "Freshly Squeezed (Solo Vibraphone) at the beginning of the track, and also is slightly sped up and altered.

The original version has now been released from the TP Archive.

Packards’ Vibration (2:23)
Episode 18: Catherine tells Josie that she is now her maid, threatens her, Andrew revealed to be alive
Episode 19: Catherine & Pete dine, tells Josie to put on her little maid’s cap
Episode 20: Truman is dismayed to find Josie working as Catherine’s maid, wants to take care of her (half-speed)
Episode 22: Truman & Cooper meet with Josie, she holds Truman’s hand under the table
Episode 22: Cooper lifts fiber from Josie’s coat, Eckhardt calls Josie, Catherine listens
Episode 22: Josie answers the door for Eckhardt
Episode 22: Catherine talks to Eckhardt about giving Josie to him, Josie serves pig head
Episode 23: Josie enters, sees Andrew and collapses, Andrew laughs
Episode 23: After Hawk kicks Hank’s crutch out from under him, Truman yells to get him out of there, Cooper tells Albert he will try to get Josie to confess
Episode 23: Josie tells Catherine she feels like she is going insane, Catherine leaves her a gun
Episode 23: End of the Andrew and Josie toast scene
Episode 23: Truman leaves Catherine’s to find Josie, Andrew reveals himself as alive to Eckhardt, points the finger at Josie
Episode 26: Pete drops, then opens the outermost box of the puzzle box
Episode 27: After opening the puzzle box, Andrew smashes the smaller plastic box with a rolling pin to reveal a small metal box
Episode 28: After shooting open the metal box Andrew, Pete & Catherine pull a key from it, place it in the cake-saver
Episode 28: Truman finds the bug in the bonsai (Owl Cave plays, but the ending of Packards' Vibration is used at the end)

Also included with this release is the short track "The Mill Dirge", a variation on "The Mill Deal". The write-up included with the release states that the track was unheard, but it was in fact used at the end of episode 16:

The Mill Dirge (0:31)
Episode 16: End of episode- The owl flies towards the screen (segues from The Culmination)

May 6, 2012

New Archive update: Evelyn's Mourning

Last week's James & Evelyn bundle included a version of "Evelyn's Mourning" that was actually a mix patterned after the version heard in episode 22. But didn't include either original version. Both unaltered original versions of the track have now been found in the Archives. The bundle has been amended to include them now. And if you had previously bought the track, you can go here to download:

Here's what Dean of the TP Archives had to say:
Here is a free link to the proper archive version of 'Evelyn's Mourning.' Oddly enough, it was lumped in with the label 'Dark Intro' (the subject of this week's release), which is why it wasn't initially located. Not that anything in the archive is usually named what it actually relates to. It all ties in, however, as you can clearly hear the same 'Evelyn's Mourning' ascend in this week's 'Dark Intro #2.' Also included is a very nice additional extended take of 'Evelyn's Mourning' with a bit of riffing off of the main refrain...

Thanks to Dean's continued dedication in bringing all of this amazing music to the fans!

May 5, 2012

New Archive Release: Dark Intro bundle


This week's new release is six never-before heard "intro" variations of LPT. None were used on the show, but their familiar strains of the intro section of LPT make them instantly recognizable as TP tracks. Very cool to hear completely unheard music from the Twin Peaks universe 20+ years later.