September 27, 2011

New Twin Peaks Music Guide Page

I have created a new page that lists the Twin Peaks tracks and shows where each was used in the series (much like I often do when a new track is released). I will continue to updated track titles, etc. as new Archive releases come out. 

A big "thank you" to Qbin's lists over on the dugpa boards. They helped immensely in putting this info together!

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September 26, 2011

New Archive release: Bookhouse Boys (full version & solo)


"The Bookhouse Boys" is probably one of the better known tracks from Twin Peaks, not only from its use on the show, but because it was featured on the original best-selling soundtrack. That version however, was actually a mix or "montage" created especially for the soundtrack, and consisted of the following elements:

The Bookhouse Boys (Soundtrack Version)
   a) Dance of the Dream Man (Solo Sax)
   b) Solo Percussion 2 (Grady’s Waltz)
   c) Bookhouse Boys
   d) Sneaky Audrey

Each of these components have now been released separately thanks to the Twin Peaks Archive from Here we finally get the full 5+ minute version of the track, along with the "Solo Guitar" version that was also featured often in the series.

Here's where they were used on the show:

The Bookhouse Boys
Pilot: School hallway before class Audrey changes shoes & smokes in locker, James greets Donna, student dances
Pilot: James pulls into Big Ed’s gas station, they talk about Laura, James gives Ed note for Donna
Pilot: Cooper & Truman in sheriff’s jeep, pull over James & Donna on James’ bike, bring them to the station
Episode 03: Briggs house, the Major talks to Bobby before the funeral
Episode 05: Bobby & Shelly with gun, Bobby mocks threats to an absent Leo
Episode 06: Bobby spies on James, Donna & Maddy (who is dressed as Laura)
Episode 19: At Evelyn’s Malcolm introduces himself to James
Episode 26: The Miss TP application at the Roadhouse, Bobby & Mike discuss Nadine
FWWM: James waits in custodian’s room as Laura enters in towel, Bobby enters school and walks toward trophy case

The Bookhouse Boys (Solo Guitar)
Episode 03: Leo & Jacques on phone, Shelly hides gun
Episode 05: Shelly on phone with Leo, Bobby puts gun in her hand
Episode 07: Cooper, Truman & James at sheriff station, Cooper asks James why cocaine was found in his gas tank
Episode 08: Shelly cries in hospital bed, Doc H is against Cooper leaving (one bar as the scene switches)
Episode 08: Bobby enters RR, cigarette in mouth (one bar)
Episode 10: Shelly meets with Cooper & Truman at the sheriff station, she won’t testify against Leo
Episode 11: Cooper walks in on Lucy & Andy’s fight (one bar)
Episode 12: Coop tells Truman he knows where Audrey is, switch to Johnson exterior (one bar)
Episode 13: Shelly & Bobby get first insurance check

As you can see from where the track was used, its title is a bit of a misnomer. It was mostly used with Bobby & Shelly, and could pretty accurately be thought of as "Bobby's Theme". Because of this fact, I debated over what to do for the art- create something that represented the name, or use a scene that the track was actually used. In the end I did both, creating a "Bookhouse Boys" themed cover for the main theme, and one with Bobby and Shelly for the Solo version.

September 19, 2011

New Archive release: Dance Of The Dream Man Solo bundle


In the same way that "Laura Palmer's Theme" and "Love Theme" are basically two sides of the musical coin, "Dance Of The Dream Man" and "Freshly Squeezed" are in some ways "one and the same". So the naming of the tracks can be a little confusing. For the most part, the faster versions seem to be called "Dance Of The Dream Man", while the slower versions are "Freshly Squeezed". Of course they released "Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Version)" under the Freshly Squeezed name, so that's not always set in stone.

This week's release includes 4 solo versions and a "Drum and Bass" version of DOTDM. As the description from says, the solo versions created for the series were sometimes used as "building blocks" to be later mixed with other tracks, or used on their own. The slower versions of these particular solos (which I assume would be known as the "Freshly Squeezed" solo versions) were used more than these. Perhaps we will see those as well at some point.

In addition, there is still at least a few "Full" versions of the faster tracks that remain unreleased.

Here's the breakdown for the tracks included in this bundle:
Dance Of The Dream Man (Drums And Bass)
Episode 11: Louie tells Ben of M.T. Wentz's forthcoming arrival
Episode 11: Ben & Catherine (as Tojamura) greet each other from across the Great Northern lobby
Episode 11: (scene above continues) Louie checks Tojamura in (Mixed with "Dance Of The Dream Man (Solo Flute)")
Episode 21: Cooper and company wait for the outcome of the showdown between Lana and Mayor Milford

Dance Of The Dream Man (Solo Clarinet)
Episode 6: Truman and Cooper prepare to leave the Great Northern for OEJs
Episode 12: Ben gives Cooper ransom money for Audrey (first 5 seconds of track)

Dance Of The Dream Man (Solo Clarinet 2)
-Unused by itself, but this solo was used to create the version of "DOTDM" heard at the start of Episode 1 (Cooper hangs upside down in his room at the Great Northern)
  (Note: A full version of that track will probably be released at a later date)

Dance Of The Dream Man (Solo Flute)
Episode 11: Louie checks Tojamura in (Mixed with "Dance Of The Dream Man (Drums And Bass)")
  (Note: Unused by itself)

Dance Of The Dream Man (Solo Bass)
Episode 16: Cooper sees the Old Waiter in the Great Northern hallway
Episode 17: Bobby tries on Leo's suit coat in preparation to meet with Ben Horne (Mixed with "Audrey's Dance (Percussion & Clarinets)")
  (Note: The beginning portion of this track heard in this scene is missing from the released version)
Episode 21: Andy tells Lucy he thinks Little Nicky murdered his parents

Another big thank you to for bringing us these releases!! Grab the bundle and enjoy my new cover art for the five tracks.

September 16, 2011

New Archive release: Just You (Instrumental)


The Twin Peaks Archive returns this week with not one, but two releases! A "Dance Of The Dream Man" Solo bundle, and the instrumental version of "Just You". I'll start with "Just You" because I already created art for this one a while back.

The original vocal version of "Just You" really needs no introduction- it was showcased in episode 9 where James, Donna & Maddy record a song together. And can be heard again in episode 21 (James outside of Evelyn's with his bike). The vocal version (featuring James Marshall and backup vocals by Lara Flynn Boyle & Sheryl Lee) was released on the Second Soundtrack. When the Archive releases first started, they released a very cool (but short) Instrumental Baritone Guitar version of "Just You" that was actually never used in the series. The instrumental version of the original, however, was used a handful of times. And here we finally see it released.

Here's where it was used in the series:
Episode 10: James & Maddy talk at the RR, and James & Maddy kiss at the Palmer's.
Episode 13: James & Donna outside of Harold Smith's.
Episode 25: Donna receives James' postcard from San Francisco

Another very welcome Archive release. Please support these wonderful releases from and enjoy my art. I will return with a post & art for the "Dance Of The Dream Man" Solo bundle...

September 2, 2011

New Archive release: Main RR track: Northwest Gulch


When the Archive released its 7-track "RR bundle" back in May, the most used and familiar RR track was oddly missing. Perhaps they couldn't find it at the time, they forgot it, or maybe they just held on to it until now on purpose? Regardless, those who worried we might not get it will be happy that its now been released. And that it finally has a track name.

This was the most used RR tune, appearing in episodes 2, 12, 15, 20 & 24 (in the RR), and in episode 21 (at Wallies). There is still one country track that was played in the RR (in episode 26) that remains unreleased, but that track is better known as the One Eyed Jacks tune since it was played there first (in episodes 6 & 12). Perhaps that one will pop up at a later date. Here's my (slightly updated) guide to the RR country tracks.

Thanks to the TP Archive for not forgetting about this one! As always, the archive has been an amazing gift to fans. No new art this week as this one goes in my "RR Songs" category. But go grab "Northwest Gulch" from and add it to your jukebox!
Note: I've updated the cover art to include the names of the four RR tunes.