May 13, 2011

RR Diner country song guide

Here's my guide to where the background country tracks appear in the series:

There were five background "country songs" played in the RR during the series:

Northwest Gulch (RR Tune No 1) (played in the RR in episodes 2, 12, 15, 20 & 24, and at Wallies in episode 21)
Secret Country (RR Tune No 2) (played in the RR in episodes 4 & 5)
Picking On Country (RR Tune No 3) (played in the RR in episodes 6 & 19, and at the Roadhouse in episode 23)
Western Ballad (RR Tune No 4) (played in the RR in episodes 11, 15 & 27)

The fifth track (still unreleased) was first played as the background music for scenes at One-Eyed Jacks, but was later used at Wallies & the RR:
One-Eyed Jacks (RR Tune No 5) (played at One-Eyed Jacks in episodes 6 & 12, at Wallies in episode 21, and in the RR in episode 26)


  1. It's very helpful list! Thank you! :)

  2. Thanks Jakub- if you find any more as you go through the series, let me know!

  3. Thank u bro, this is awesome that someone else apppreciates this stuff as much as i do.