May 17, 2011

New Archive release: Dark Mood Woods


This week's Archive release is sure to make most all Twin Peaks fans happy (it was certainly one of my most wanted). When released on the second season soundtrack, only a portion of "Dark Mood Woods" was heard and mixed with "The Red Room". Here is the full version for the first time.

Weaving through much of the series' final episode, it's an essential Twin Peaks track. And an integral component of Lynch's finale, giving the episode a feel and mood completely its own. The somber mood created by "Dark Mood Woods" is unique to the episode, and it plays a large part in what makes that last episode so special. 

Obviously, Lynch was a fan of the track, since he used it (albeit briefly) in FWWM, and as the soundtrack to the Log Lady intros that he created for the series' showings on Bravo.

Another much wanted and welcome release from

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