May 8, 2011

My Archive wish list

The Twin Peaks Archive has already released the two tracks that sat at the top of my most wanted wish list for years: "Annie & Cooper" & "Twin Peaks (Solo Rhodes)". Here's a list of my most wanted tracks that remain unreleased...

from the series:
- Audrey's Prayer (Alternate Version) (from episode 17 when Audrey says goodbye to Cooper)
- Harold's Theme (Alternate Version) (from episode 18 when Josie tells Truman about her past)
- A longer version (than on the second soundtrack) of Harold's Theme (there's more to it than was on the 1:43 min soundtrack version)
- The full version of "Dark Mood Woods" (it was truncated & merged with "The Red Room" on the second season soundtrack)
- Full versions of "I'm Hurt Bad" and "James & Evelyn" (they were merged in the second season soundtrack, shortchanging both tracks- there are only 38 seconds(!) of "I'm Hurt Bad" featured)
- Hank's Theme
- John Justice Wheeler's Theme
- Just You (Original Instrumental)
- There are still great alternate variations of Audrey's Dance, Freshly Squeezed, Dance Of The Dream Man, & Laura Palmer's Theme that remain unreleased
- The theme played for most of Josie's scenes in her final episode (Josie & Andrew toast "to beginnings... AND endings") (this is perhaps a variation of LP's Theme?)

from FWWM:
- Full versions of the songs from the montage: "Girl Talk", "Birds In Hell" and the piano version of "LP's Theme"
- RR Swing
- Sycamore Trees (Instrumental)

There are of course many, many more than this list. But these are the ones I'm hoping for most.


  1. I desperately want a fully realized version of the music that is hinted at in the odd scene in Season 2's premiere when Jerry Horne gives Blackie drugs, and then subsequently is played fully when the Giant returns the ring to Cooper and is also played in Owl Cave. I know we've received some parts of this theme, but I need the whole thing. I can't believe that it hasn't already been released in all it's glory!

  2. Even though it's more sound design than actual music, I'm really hoping to see the music from Teresa's autopsy being released.

  3. Isn't the "Film Version" of Mysterioso 1 or 2 the music from Teresa's autopsy?

  4. Mysterioso 2 is heard while Desmond and Sam investigate Teresa's trailer. Mysterioso 1 is the cue for Desmond's return to Fat Trout Trailer Park (and disappearance). I'm pretty sure that Teresa's autopsy uses a different track still. No jazzy stuff, just backwards strings and soundeffects.