May 10, 2011

New Archive release: RR Diner "source cue" bundle (#1?)- including I'm Hurt Bad


This week's new release is a seven track bundle of "source cues" or background music that were heard throughout the series in the RR diner. The first thing you will notice though, is that the MAIN RR track is not included! Seems like an odd decision. I wonder if it will come later?
Here's what's included:
"Mister Snooty" (Dick & Lucy's RR lunch from episode 10. Later used 
during Leland's creepy dance with Donna, and when Dick attempts to change a tire.)
"Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Version)"
"Picking On Country" (RR tune from eps 6 & 19)
"I'm Hurt Bad" (Full Version from Industrial Symphony No 1)
"Western Ballad" (RR tune from eps 11, 15, & 27)
"Preparing For M.T. Wentz" (Heard in episode 11 as Norma and Hank, well, prepare for MT Wentz!)
"Secret Country" (RR tune from eps 4 & 5)

Perhaps there will be a second bundle released as there is still the main RR track, the One Eyed Jacks track (also used in the RR), and of course RR Swing from FWWM. I'm sure some of these will split listeners. Some may not care for the country background music. But I think its a great release. Very fun to have, and the obscure nature of these bodes well for there being many more releases from to come!! Check it out, and enjoy my artwork.