June 30, 2011

New Archive release: Miss Twin Peaks Bundle


June 10th, 1991. A few weeks ago marked the 20th anniversary(!!) of the final two episodes of Twin Peaks. After the 2nd hiatus of the 2nd season (and many pre-emptions), ABC finally aired the final two episodes (28 & 29) together on monday, June 10th. This week's Archive release brings us 5 short tracks coming from episode 28- all relating to the Miss Twin Peaks Contest. In the narrative of the episode itself, it was the 20th anniversary of the contest- so it seems most fitting that we are getting these tracks now- 20 years after the episode aired. It seems amazing that 20 years have past since then!

Here's what's included in this release:
Miss Twin Peaks Theme (1:40)
Lucy's Dance (1:32)
Lana's Dance (1:17)
Miss Twin Peaks (Piano Rehearsal) (1:04)
Miss Twin Peaks (Finale) (1:26)

The "Piano Rehearsal" is actually an unused version not heard in the episode. The rehearsal scene itself plays without music. Perhaps this version was written for that scene?

A bit of trivia about the Miss Twin Peaks storyline: I've heard that Fenn, Boyle, and Amick wanted nothing to do with it. Boyle and Amick took part, but you will notice that Audrey is absent in the rehearsal scene, as well as all MTP scenes except for her speech and the crowning finale. (Of course Fenn & Boyle then went on to refuse to take part in FWWM as well shortly thereafter.)

Again, a huge thank you to davidlynch.com and the Archive releases. I'm sure that even if a third soundtrack had materialized, we wouldn't be getting some of these tracks. So the Archive is such a dream come true for fans. Download the bundle, and check out my artwork. A very nice way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the final two episodes.

June 23, 2011

New Archive release: Three Audrey-related tracks


As hinted at in last week's release, this week the Twin Peaks Archive from davidlynch.com released three short tracks related to Audrey Horne. First is the playful track "The Norwegians" which is heard in the pilot when Audrey tells the Norwegians that "her friend Laura was murdered", prompting their quick exit from the "idyllic" town of Twin Peaks.

Next is "Sneaky Aurdey", which was actually released on the original soundtrack as part of the track "The Bookhouse Boys"; a track created from a few different elements mixed together to create one track (Dance Of The Dream Man Sax, Percussion, Bookhouse Boys & Sneaky Audrey). Its basically the second half of the released version of "Bookhouse", but here we get it as its own track. "Sneaky Audrey" makes its debut in episode 3 when Audrey uses the secret passage to listen in on her family getting ready for Laura's funeral. And it can be heard many times throughout the series, sometimes at half-speed.

The third track in this week's release is the short "Solo Vibraphone" version of "Freshly Squeezed". This track was also used (sped up) at the beginning of the released version of "Packard's Vibration" on the second season soundtrack. It can first be heard in the series in episode 2 when Cooper finds the "Jack with one eye" note from Audrey.

I'm still hoping for the Audrey-related track, "John Justice Wheeler's Theme". Anyway- check out my covers, and grab the new tracks from davidlynch.com.

June 16, 2011

New Archive release: Audrey's Prayer alternate versions


Here's one I've been waiting for; Audrey's goodbye from episode 17!

The original version of "Audrey's Prayer" made its debut in the second season premiere, getting its name from the scene in which Audrey (in over her head at One-Eyed-Jack's) prays to her "Special Agent". Easily one of Twin Peaks' most achingly beautiful tracks, it became the unofficial love theme for the second season. The original version is certainly one of the most recognized themes heard in the series, providing a heart & soul that elevated every scene in which it was used.

Since the first soundtrack was released before the second season, the omission of "Audrey's Prayer" was unfortunate. And for years it remained unreleased until it finally saw the light of day on the second soundtrack in 2007. While "Annie & Cooper", and "Questions In A World Of Blue" (from FWWM) were spun off from Audrey's Prayer, there weren't many alternate versions used in the series. The exception being episode 17, where two alternate versions are heard.

Here, these two finally get a release. Both the "Clarinet And Synth" & "Synth" versions were mixed together, along with some percussion elements, for Leland's wake scene, and then the "Clarinet And Synth" version was showcased in the scene where Audrey bids Cooper goodbye. Just lovely- and its great to finally have these thanks to the Twin Peaks Archive!

As always, check out my covers, and grab the tracks from davidlynch.com!

June 8, 2011

New Archive release: Full versions of Girl Talk & Birds In Hell from FWWM


This week's new release is really nice. The original soundtrack for FWWM featured a track that was a montage of Girl Talk/Birds In Hell/Laura Palmer's Theme/Falling. Here, we finally get the full versions of both Girl Talk & Birds In Hell- and they are really quite beautiful. Both feature lovely sections unheard until now. The only thing missing is the piano version of Laura Palmer's Theme featured in the movie (and in the original montage).

Two truly beautiful tracks. Grab them at davidlynch.com and enjoy my art.

June 2, 2011

New Archive release: Great Northern Piano bundle


The amazing Twin Peaks Archive releases continue from davidlynch.com. This week's release features four short piano source tracks. Three are heard at the Great Northern, and a fourth, a piano version of the TP Theme itself, is also included. Here's a break down of the tracks, and where they appear in the series:

Great Northern Piano Tune #1:
Episode 13- Ben meets with Tojamura
Episode 24- Mike and Nadine check in
Episode 26- Wine tasting scene 2

Great Northern Piano Tune #2 (Josie And Truman):
(As the name implies, this is a piano version of "Josie And Truman")
Episode 13- Pete talks to Tojamura
Episode 14- Catherine reveals herself as Tojamura to Pete (slowed down)
Episode 23- Ben & Audrey eat with JJW (before his theme kicks in)

Note: The version heard in episode 23 is actually an extended version that runs about a minute longer than the version released.

Great Northern Piano Tune #3:
Episode 15- Norma & Hank have dinner with Ernie and Viv

Twin Peaks Theme (Solo Piano):
Episode 20- Norma & Ed
Note: The televised version looped and rearranged this track a bit, but this must be the original version.

Note: Although it sounds similar to Tune #3, there is actually a 4th Great Northern Piano tune that remains unreleased:
Episode 25- Annie orders a drink/talks to Cooper (this one starts with the intro from #3)
Episode 26- Wine tasting scene 1

A few short months ago, I never would have believed we see any of these tracks released. Thanks again, davidlynch.com! Go grab the bundle, and enjoy my new art!