June 30, 2011

New Archive release: Miss Twin Peaks Bundle


June 10th, 1991. A few weeks ago marked the 20th anniversary(!!) of the final two episodes of Twin Peaks. After the 2nd hiatus of the 2nd season (and many pre-emptions), ABC finally aired the final two episodes (28 & 29) together on monday, June 10th. This week's Archive release brings us 5 short tracks coming from episode 28- all relating to the Miss Twin Peaks Contest. In the narrative of the episode itself, it was the 20th anniversary of the contest- so it seems most fitting that we are getting these tracks now- 20 years after the episode aired. It seems amazing that 20 years have past since then!

Here's what's included in this release:
Miss Twin Peaks Theme (1:40)
Lucy's Dance (1:32)
Lana's Dance (1:17)
Miss Twin Peaks (Piano Rehearsal) (1:04)
Miss Twin Peaks (Finale) (1:26)

The "Piano Rehearsal" is actually an unused version not heard in the episode. The rehearsal scene itself plays without music. Perhaps this version was written for that scene?

A bit of trivia about the Miss Twin Peaks storyline: I've heard that Fenn, Boyle, and Amick wanted nothing to do with it. Boyle and Amick took part, but you will notice that Audrey is absent in the rehearsal scene, as well as all MTP scenes except for her speech and the crowning finale. (Of course Fenn & Boyle then went on to refuse to take part in FWWM as well shortly thereafter.)

Again, a huge thank you to davidlynch.com and the Archive releases. I'm sure that even if a third soundtrack had materialized, we wouldn't be getting some of these tracks. So the Archive is such a dream come true for fans. Download the bundle, and check out my artwork. A very nice way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the final two episodes.


  1. "Perhaps this version was written for that scene?"

    I don't thin so. I suspect that it is a 'demo' version from Badalamenti, used as a guide for orchestral work.

    Great work, but maybe Annie used twice wasn't best choice? Annie at MTP Theme doesn't fit for me. Maybe scene with sign and all girls would be better? ;-)

    Anyway, thank you :)

  2. Hey Jakub- You are probably right that the "piano" version might be a demo! Glad they included it.

    I chose similar shots for the main theme and the finale since they are variations of the same theme. Plus I like Annie. :)