June 23, 2011

New Archive release: Three Audrey-related tracks


As hinted at in last week's release, this week the Twin Peaks Archive from davidlynch.com released three short tracks related to Audrey Horne. First is the playful track "The Norwegians" which is heard in the pilot when Audrey tells the Norwegians that "her friend Laura was murdered", prompting their quick exit from the "idyllic" town of Twin Peaks.

Next is "Sneaky Aurdey", which was actually released on the original soundtrack as part of the track "The Bookhouse Boys"; a track created from a few different elements mixed together to create one track (Dance Of The Dream Man Sax, Percussion, Bookhouse Boys & Sneaky Audrey). Its basically the second half of the released version of "Bookhouse", but here we get it as its own track. "Sneaky Audrey" makes its debut in episode 3 when Audrey uses the secret passage to listen in on her family getting ready for Laura's funeral. And it can be heard many times throughout the series, sometimes at half-speed.

The third track in this week's release is the short "Solo Vibraphone" version of "Freshly Squeezed". This track was also used (sped up) at the beginning of the released version of "Packard's Vibration" on the second season soundtrack. It can first be heard in the series in episode 2 when Cooper finds the "Jack with one eye" note from Audrey.

I'm still hoping for the Audrey-related track, "John Justice Wheeler's Theme". Anyway- check out my covers, and grab the new tracks from davidlynch.com.


  1. Awesome work. Thanks for making these and sharing them with the fans, Ross! Great visuals for our (growing) TP music collections.


  2. Thanks Jallen! Glad people are finding and enjoying the site. These new releases are a dream come true.

  3. once again you show your awesomeness


  4. Thanks so much!!! Its always nice to hear you have some awesomeness! :)

  5. F.Y.I.: "Idealic" is not a word. The word you are looking for is "idyllic," meaning "charmingly simple or rustic." A common mistake; nothing to be ashamed of.