June 8, 2011

New Archive release: Full versions of Girl Talk & Birds In Hell from FWWM


This week's new release is really nice. The original soundtrack for FWWM featured a track that was a montage of Girl Talk/Birds In Hell/Laura Palmer's Theme/Falling. Here, we finally get the full versions of both Girl Talk & Birds In Hell- and they are really quite beautiful. Both feature lovely sections unheard until now. The only thing missing is the piano version of Laura Palmer's Theme featured in the movie (and in the original montage).

Two truly beautiful tracks. Grab them at davidlynch.com and enjoy my art.


  1. Great! I love this empty chair... ;)

  2. Somehow, I don't know how, but I had a feeling that these were going to be the next tracks to be released! The giant didn't even come and tip me off! I love that in 2011 we are still being treated to new Twin Peaks stuff. It's great. They gp straight on my iPhone every week lol - Roll on "the slow four-man walk after Maddy is found" music, and "Cooper getting his ring back" music releases :-). Hey, great work on the artwork too.

  3. Thanks guys! And jay- I'm looking forward to those tracks as well! :)