June 16, 2011

New Archive release: Audrey's Prayer alternate versions


Here's one I've been waiting for; Audrey's goodbye from episode 17!

The original version of "Audrey's Prayer" made its debut in the second season premiere, getting its name from the scene in which Audrey (in over her head at One-Eyed-Jack's) prays to her "Special Agent". Easily one of Twin Peaks' most achingly beautiful tracks, it became the unofficial love theme for the second season. The original version is certainly one of the most recognized themes heard in the series, providing a heart & soul that elevated every scene in which it was used.

Since the first soundtrack was released before the second season, the omission of "Audrey's Prayer" was unfortunate. And for years it remained unreleased until it finally saw the light of day on the second soundtrack in 2007. While "Annie & Cooper", and "Questions In A World Of Blue" (from FWWM) were spun off from Audrey's Prayer, there weren't many alternate versions used in the series. The exception being episode 17, where two alternate versions are heard.

Here, these two finally get a release. Both the "Clarinet And Synth" & "Synth" versions were mixed together, along with some percussion elements, for Leland's wake scene, and then the "Clarinet And Synth" version was showcased in the scene where Audrey bids Cooper goodbye. Just lovely- and its great to finally have these thanks to the Twin Peaks Archive!

As always, check out my covers, and grab the tracks from davidlynch.com!


  1. Hi, I love your covers!

    Have you ever thought of one day doing one for "Diane... the Twin Peaks tapes of agent Cooper"?

    It'd look great next to the other TP releases. :-)

  2. Thanks!! I might do one for the Cooper tapes. I hadn't thought of that. Good idea.