December 24, 2011

Happy New Year

The Twin Peaks Archive was an amazing gift in 2011. Looking forward to 2012, we still have a lot to look forward to. Here's a list of tracks that may see release in the coming year:

December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Here's the cover for the very short "Twin Peaks Christmas Greeting" that was featured in a holiday ad during the original broadcast run of the second season. (The ad can be seen on the bonus disc of the Gold Box set.)

What an amazing year this has been for fans of Twin Peaks and its music! The Archive releases have been like a present that keeps on giving. My heartfelt thanks to Dean, Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch and all involved in these releases at!

Looking forward to seeing more musical gifts in the New Year. Happy Holidays everyone!

December 19, 2011

New Archive release: Dark Mood Woods (Studio Version)


This week comes an unexpected and most welcome surprise from the TP Archive. The alternate "Clean/Clear" version of "Dark Mood Woods", AKA "The Studio Version".

The original version of "Dark Mood Woods" was first released in truncated form on the second season soundtrack, where only a portion of the track was heard and mixed with "The Red Room" (along with a few elements of "Windom Earle's Motif" & "Unease Motif"). The full version was released from the Archive back in May.

Weaving through much of the series' final episode, "Dark Mood Woods" is an essential Twin Peaks track(s). An integral component of Lynch's finale, that gives the episode a feel and mood completely its own. The somber mood created by "Dark Mood Woods" is unique to the episode, and it plays a large part in what makes that last episode so special.

After the original version was released, giving a closer listen to the final episode revealed that there were in fact two versions of the track heard. Or at the time, I had thought that perhaps they had just manipulated or mixed the track differently in certain places, giving it a different sound. So I was unsure if there would be another version or not. So, much to my surprise and delight, we finally get the other version in its full, almost 10 minute glory. And its an amazing track.

Here's the breakdown of the usage of the two versions:

Dark Mood Woods
Episode 29: Earle arrives at Glastonbury Grove with Annie, they enter the Lodge
Episode 29: Cooper and Truman arrive at Glastonbury Grove, Cooper enters the Lodge
Episode 29: Andy looks for Sheriff Truman in woods outside Glastonbury Grove
Episode 29: Heidi arrives late at the RR, Bobby and Shelly repeat dialogue from pilot, Jacoby & Mrs. Palmer arrive with a message for Major Briggs
Episode 29: Cooper & Annie appear outside Glastonbury Grove
Episode 29: Cooper wakes up at the Great Northern, wants to brush his teeth
FWWM: Morning after Partyland

Dark Mood Woods (Studio Version)
Episode 29: At the Sheriff Station, Pete says the Log Lady stole his truck, the Log Lady brings oil, Ronette is brought in
Episode 29: Morning, Andy asks Truman if he wants coffee and a “plate special”
Episode 29: Shot of Lodge corridor “I’m waiting for you” (mixed with Original Version)
Episode 29: Coop smashes head, asks “How’s Annie?” (mixed with Original Version)

Obviously, Lynch was a fan of the track as well, since he used the original (briefly) in FWWM, and as the soundtrack to the Log Lady intros that he created for the series' showings on Bravo.

As a side note, the original version of "Dark Mood Woods" actually made its first appearance in the two and a half minute recap at the start of episode 24. This special recap was created for the series' return after a lengthy hiatus during its original run on ABC, and featured Cooper dictating to Diane about the various goings-on in the storyline. (Unfortunately, this recap was not included on the Gold Box DVD set.)

Both versions are among my favorite Twin Peaks tracks, and I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas present from the Archives!

PS  This release also included two bonus tracks. A post and art for these will be up soon.

December 10, 2011

New Archive release: FWWM bundle



Teresa's Autopsy (2:37)
Phillip Jeffries (2:10)
Back To Fat Trout (Unease Motif/The Woods) (2:52)
Laura Visits Harold (3:18)
Behind The Mask (2:28)
Wash Your Hands (3:03)
It's Your Father (3:47)
Jacques' Cabin/The Train Car (4:09)
Circumference Of A Circle (11:11)
Fire Walk With Me (Saxophone) (6:47)

Fire Walk With Me fans got the ultimate Christmas gift this week as the TP Archive released a bundle of the remaining dark soundscapes from FWWM. These tracks are actually mixes of different elements, much as was the case many times in the series. These passages were actually created during the final stages of the film much as sound design/sound effects would be created.

Hearing them more clearly here, fans will recognize some elements used from the series but mixed with new elements. The track "24 Hours" is clearly heard in "Teresa's Autopsy", and "Unease Motif", one of the most often used pieces of music in the series, is used in many of these tracks as well ("Laura Visits Harold", "Back To Fat Trout").

The eleven minute+ track "Circumference Of A Circle" was used as the base of the mix of "Jacques' Cabin/The Train Car" and has also been released here in its entirety. Fans looking for the music from the post-murder scene where Leland puts Laura's body in the water and then enters Glastonbury Grove (a segment that sounds much like a distorted synth version of "Laura Palmer's Theme") can find that portion in this track. From around 7:10 to 7:53.

For me, the big surprise and highlight of this release is the saxophone version of the FWWM Theme. The original trumpet version is still one of my favorite tracks of all time, and getting an entirely new, alternate version is amazing. The film actually uses just the first 14 seconds of the track during the opening credits and then switches to the more familiar original version. Who knew there was a entire different version instead of just the original with the alternate beginning!?

This bundle very well might be the last FWWM music released. But you never know, there may be a surprise alternate version of something waiting in the archives. As for what's actually heard in the film, it seems close to all has been released. The exception being the track heard when Leland cries in his bedroom, and the alternate(?) version of "Laura's Dark Boogie" heard during Leland's flashbacks of the Blue Diamond Motel. And finally the piano version of "Laura Palmer's Theme" when Leland tells Laura "Goodnight Princess"- this is actually a track from the series though.

Anyway, amazing job from the Archive. Enjoy my new covers.

November 19, 2011

New Archive release: The Mill Deal


This week's new release features three short tracks. 
The Mill Deal (1:27)
Josie And Jonathan (The Mill Deal) (2:03)
The Mill Fire (0:55)

First up is "The Mill Deal" which is only heard once at its original speed:

The Mill Deal
Episode 04: Ben & Leo discuss the mill deal in the woods, continues into next scene: Donna & James look for Laura's necklace

The half-speed version of the track was heard three times in the second season, and the TP Archive has released the slow version as "Josie And Jonathan". The released version recreates the edit heard in the Josie and Jonathan scene from episode 13, which features the slowed down first minute of "The Mill Deal" with a repeated portion from the middle of the track used as an ending. A slightly longer version (featuring almost all of the slowed down original, without the repeated "ending") can be heard in the Josie and Truman scene in episode 11.

Josie And Jonathan (The Mill Deal)
Episode 11: Truman & Josie make love, Josie asks Truman to tear her outfit
Episode 13: After sex, Jonathan gives Josie a one way ticket back to Hong Kong
Episode 13: Josie & Jonathan leave, Truman tells her he loves her

Finally, we get what is probably the most untypical track heard in the entire series, the short action track heard in episode 7 when the mill fire starts.

The Mill Fire
Episode 07: Catherine talks to a tied-up Shelly, fire starts, Catherine frees Shelly
Episode 12: Part of the mix when the security guard pulls a gun on Cooper (with Audrey) & Truman at OEJs

Thanks again to Dean and the TP Archive for continuing to release all of these great tracks. Twin Peaks has once again become a weekly event this past year.

November 13, 2011

The Twin Peaks Archive Returns: Freshly Squeezed Bundle


After a month long hiatus, the TP Archive at makes its welcome return with a nine-track bundle that includes most (but not quite all) of the unreleased versions of "Freshly Squeezed". Including, for the first time the full version of the original, which was edited down to 3:49 on the original soundtrack.

Here's what's included:

Freshly Squeezed
Episode 01: Audrey introduces herself to Cooper during breakfast, “as long as those grapefruits are ‘Freshly Squeezed’”
Episode 05: Audrey joins Cooper while he’s having his coffee, he asks how old she is
Episode 06: Audrey at the Horne Department Store perfume counter, snoops in Battis’s office
Episode 09: Shelly & Bobby in car (plays on radio) they switch it to Drug Deal Blues
Episode 24: Audrey and JJW apologize to each other, he asks her to go on a picnic
Episode 25: Audrey brings food to JJW (in goofy sweater), they flirt

Freshly Squeezed (Clarinet)
Episode 03: Audrey meets Cooper at breakfast, he has her write her name

Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Version 2)

Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Solo Bass)
Episode 16: Cooper sees the Old Waiter in the Great Northern hallway
Episode 17: Bobby tries on suit coat in preparation of meeting with Ben (mixed with Audrey’s Dance (Percussion & Clarinets))
Note: I had previously thought these two were DOTDM (Solo Bass), which means my artwork for that track (featuring the Old Waiter) is technically incorrect- oh well...

Freshly Squeezed (Flute)
Episode 04: Donna & Audrey talk in the school bathroom
Episode 24: Stop Ghostwood fashion show, Ben talks to Catherine about redemption and giving

Freshly Squeezed (Mid-Tempo Version)
Episode 19: Audrey meets Dennis/Denise in Cooper's room at the Great Northern

Freshly Squeezed (Solo Bass Clarinet)
Episode 06: Audrey slips note under Cooper’s door
Episode 07: Audrey looks in mirror, waits in her OEJs room (mixed with Laura Palmer's Theme)
Episode 08: Cooper scoots down gurney “Just give me a couple hours to get dressed”
Episode 12: Donna & Maddy look at hand-drawn map of Harold’s place in preparation of stealing Laura’s diary (mixed with Laura Palmer’s Theme (Bass Guitar Punctuation))
Episode 17: Hank & Ernie at OEJs, Hank introduces Ernie to Jean (Night Life In Twin Peaks creeps in)
Episode 25: Cole reinstates Cooper, returns badge and new gun
Episode 28: Lana hits on Dick in the storage room

Freshly Squeezed (Solo Clarinet)
Episode 05: Audrey threatens Battis to get perfume counter job
Episode 06: Audrey hides in closet and spies on Battis with Jenny (mixed with Laura Palmer’s Theme)
Episode 06: Audrey asks Jenny for Black Rose’s number (mixed with Laura Palmer’s Theme)
Episode 06: Audrey ties cherry stem with tongue
Episode 11: Ben asks Cooper to take the ransom money for Audrey (slightly slowed and played over half-speed Laura Palmer’s Theme (Bass Guitar Punctuation))
Episode 15: Cooper & Truman interrogate Ben (represented by Jerry), show Ben Laura’s diary
Episode 17: Beginning of Audrey’s goodbye to Cooper scene
Episode 17: Bobby waits outside of Ben’s office, talks to Audrey who gets him in to see Ben (mixed with Percussion Hi-Hats)
Episode 19: Cooper finds cocaine at Dead Dog Farm (half-speed)
Episode 19: Bobby hits on Audrey on his way to bring Ben pictures (mixed with Audrey's Dance (Clean))
Episode 26: Cole kisses Shelly a 2nd time

Freshly Squeezed (Solo Flute)
Episode 03: Briefly after Cooper dictates to Diane about looking into property “at a very reasonable price”
Episode 04: End of the Donna & Audrey talk in the school bathroom scene
Episode 07: Audrey picks the Queen of Diamonds from Blackie (mixed with Laura Palmer’s Theme (Bass Guitar Punctuation))
Episode 18: Hardy tells Cooper his suspension remains in place; Cooper thanks him and leaves
Episode 19: Audrey kisses Cooper in front of Denise
Episode 20: Woman in civil war get-up runs from Ben’s office into Audrey; also a few passages mixed with Laura Palmer’s Theme (Bass Guitar Punctuation) when she enters Ben’s office (finding him on the floor playing war) and when she calls Jerry

The following three versions remain unreleased, including the "Clean" or "Drums And Bass" version, which is actually the most used version in the series:
Freshly Squeezed (Drums And Bass) (unreleased)

Episode 01: Cooper tells Bobby & Mike they are free to go, warn them not to hurt James
Episode 08: Truman, Cooper and Albert see Bobby in the hall at the hospital
Episode 11: Cooper asks Truman for one of the Bookhouse Boys
Episode 12: Cooper wakes up & dictates to Diane, tells of dreaming of eating a “large, tasteless gumdrop”
Episode 13: Ben’s office, Josie & Ben “stalemate”, Ben pays her 5 million dollars & they end their partnership
Episode 19: Denise to Cooper, “Exactly how old is that girl?” about Audrey
Episode 20: Lucy tells Cooper she didn’t find any mention of Windom Earle or chess moves in the personals
Episode 21: Audrey & Bobby at the Great Northern, she compares Ben’s mental state to an ice cube
Episode 23: A celery eating Ben announces his plan to “save the pine weasel”
Episode 24: Annie arrives at the RR, Norma introduces her to Shelly
Episode 24: Ben’s “Stop Ghostwood” speech
Episode 25: JJW tells Ben (eating a carrot) that he’s falling in love with Audrey
Episode 26: Ben addresses the Miss TP committee about the topic for the speeches
Episode 28: Ben tries to talk Audrey into making a speech at the Miss TP contest

Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Clean) (unreleased)
Episode 21: Conference room; Jacoby defends Lana to Cooper & company, tells of her heightened sexual drive & skills

Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Clarinet) (unreleased)
Episode 01: Cooper hangs upside down in his room at the Great Northern
Episode 16: Catherine reveals herself as Tajamura to a jailed Ben (re-edited)
Episode 21: Cooper & company re-enter conference room to find that the Mayor (lip-stick on face) & Lana have “reconciled”

Thanks again to Dean and for continuing these fantastic releases! Its great to have them back. Grab the bundle, and enjoy my new art. And don't forget to check out my updated Scene Guide.

October 6, 2011

New Archive release: Character Themes


Aside from the three "Invitation To Love" themes, this week's Archive release includes seven character based themes. Most are short, but are welcome, and some even essential, tracks.

Earle's Theme (1:13)
Leo's Theme (3:00)
Hank's Theme (1:01)
Hank's Theme (Version 2) (0:31)
Horne's Theme (1:41)
Lana's Theme (0:57)
Wheeler's Theme (1:52)

First off, we have "Earle's Theme", one of three flute tracks that were used in connection with Earle, often mixed with other tracks. Along with "Windom Earle's Motif" these helped define the audio identity of Cooper's nemesis. Hopefully we will get the other Earle flute tracks eventually, one of which is a flute version of "Audrey's Prayer".

Earle's Theme
Episode 21: Opening credits, close up of tape over dead vagrants mouth, and when Cooper gives andy the chess piece (mixed with Windom Earle's Motif)
Episode 21: Briefly as Cooper stares at the chess board and before Truman asks how chess figures in
Episode 21: Cooper fills Truman in on Earle, "You don't know what he's capable of, Harry" (mixed with Laura Palmer's Theme)
Episode 21: Leo in woods, stumbles upon Earle's cabin
Episode 21: Episode ends as window blows open, shot of chess board (mixed with Windom Earle's Motif)
Episode 23: Cooper and Truman listen to the tape from Earle (mixed with Windom Earle's Motif)
Episode 23: Leo whittles arrows outside Earle's cabin (mixed with Laura Palmer's Theme)

Next up we return to the Half Speed Orchestra tracks with "Leo's Theme". The slowed down track suiting the ominous nature of Leo's character well.

Half Speed Orchestra 5 (Leo’s Theme)
Episode 01: Leo about to beat Shelly

Episode 02: Bobby arrives at Shelly’s, sees she’s been beaten
Episode 05: Shelly at home, Leo with gas, Hank threatens Leo
Episode 06: Leo spies on Bobby visiting Shelly, looks through shotgun scope
Episode 06: Shelly cries to Bobby, Leo hears about Waldo on police radio
Episode 07: Leland kills Jacques
Episode 10: Jacoby remembers Leland killing Jacques
Episode 28: Start of the episode, Leo and the Major chained up, Leo frees the Major

Another ominous track that should be instantly recognizable to viewers is "Hank's Theme". There were only two very short tracks used for Hank's Theme. The most often used of the two versions is actually only 30 seconds long. Short, but it was used so often that it becomes an essential theme.

Hank’s Theme
Episode 07: Hank cuts his and Josie’s thumbs, “Partner”
Episode 11: Hank steals Lodwick’s badge, Donna tells Maddy that Harold has Laura’s secret diary (half-speed)
Episode 18: Ben’s office; Hank meets with Ben and tells him “he’s out” of OEJs (half-speed & looped)

Hank’s Theme (Version 2)
Episode 04: Norma meets with Hank before his hearing
Episode 04: Hank fiddles with his domino at his hearing, “Catch ya later” to Norma
Episode 05: Hank’s sits in RR booth with domino, Norma & Shelly return from the beauty shop
Episode 06: Josie on phone with Ben who says they need Catherine at the mill, Hank is there with her
Episode 07: At the RR, Hank asks Norma to give him time
Episode 08: Bobby remembers Hank shooting Leo
Episode 12: Cooper and Truman leave OEJs with Audrey, Hank calls Ben, Jean pulls gun on Hank
Episode 19: Briefly as Hank watches Norma & Ed in the RR (see Hank’s hand w/ domino)
Episode 20: Hank punches Ed in Ed’s house after Norma leaves

Horne’s Theme
Episode 02: Ben & Jerry at OEJs, girls line up and Blackie enters
Episode 02: After telling them to "go out for a pass", Bobby & Mike run from Leo in the woods (alternate version?)
Episode 04: Coop & Gang break into Jacques’ apartment, continues into beginning of Ben & Leo's meeting in the woods
Episode 20: Nadine beats up Hank

Lana’s Theme
Episode 19: Great Northern hallway, Lana tells Hawk that she’s cursed and about her prom night kiss
Episode 19: The men fawn over Lana
Episode 19: Lucy finds all the men listening to Lana’s stories

The real highlight of this release for me is "Wheeler's Theme". One that's been at the top of my want list for a while now. It pops up so often in the final episodes it becomes another essential track. And with its slow & twangy, warm guitar vibe its a unique track in the TP universe. Great to finally have it.

Wheeler’s Theme
Episode 23: John Justice Wheeler in introduced, Audrey is working as a concierge
Episode 23: After Ben excuses himself, Audrey & JJW talk, “I’m only 18”
Episode 25: Ben’s office, Audrey leaves for Seattle, JJW enters
Episode 27: JJW looks for Audrey, asks Randy if she’s returned
Episode 27: JJW gives Ben letter for Audrey as he leaves
Episode 27: JJW leaves with suitcases
Episode 27: Audrey watches Jack’s plane fly away, Pete offers to take her fishing
Episode 28: Audrey talks to Ben about missing Jack

Another great release from the Archive. I know some may consider these "lesser" TP tracks, and even though many are fairly short, there is some wonderful stuff here.

Check out my covers. I've had some of these done for a while and I think many of them turned out pretty nice. Grab the bundle from According to info on the Dugpa board, this will be the only release in October, with releases resuming in November. Until then, don't forget to check out my scene guide here, or from the tab above. You can keep track of where tracks were heard, and what still remains unreleased.

New Archive release: Invitation To Love


This week we get a ten track bundle from the Archive. Seven character based themes, and the themes from the faux soap opera "Invitation To Love". ITL popped up a bunch of times the first season and then was (for the most part) dropped in the second season. It only shows up once in season 2 (episode 20) and even then we only hear it.

Invitation To Love Theme (0:51)
Invitation To Love Theme (Bumper) (0:08)
Invitation To Love (Lover's Dilemma) (2:09)

Invitation To Love Theme
Episode 02: Shelly shuts off the TV
Episode 03: Leland watches “Invitation To Love”
Episode 06: Nadine watches “Invitation To Love”, cries to Ed about “rejected” silent drape runner idea
Episode 20: Shelly feeds Leo & fights with Bobby (includes Bumper)

Invitation To Love Theme (Bumper)
Episode 04: “Invitation To Love” starts
Episode 20: Shelly feeds Leo & fights with Bobby (includes ITL Theme)

Invitation To Love (Lovers Dilemma)
Episode 04: Lucy watches Emerald and Chet on “Invitation To Love”

September 27, 2011

New Twin Peaks Music Guide Page

I have created a new page that lists the Twin Peaks tracks and shows where each was used in the series (much like I often do when a new track is released). I will continue to updated track titles, etc. as new Archive releases come out. 

A big "thank you" to Qbin's lists over on the dugpa boards. They helped immensely in putting this info together!

Click here or on the tab above.

September 26, 2011

New Archive release: Bookhouse Boys (full version & solo)


"The Bookhouse Boys" is probably one of the better known tracks from Twin Peaks, not only from its use on the show, but because it was featured on the original best-selling soundtrack. That version however, was actually a mix or "montage" created especially for the soundtrack, and consisted of the following elements:

The Bookhouse Boys (Soundtrack Version)
   a) Dance of the Dream Man (Solo Sax)
   b) Solo Percussion 2 (Grady’s Waltz)
   c) Bookhouse Boys
   d) Sneaky Audrey

Each of these components have now been released separately thanks to the Twin Peaks Archive from Here we finally get the full 5+ minute version of the track, along with the "Solo Guitar" version that was also featured often in the series.

Here's where they were used on the show:

The Bookhouse Boys
Pilot: School hallway before class Audrey changes shoes & smokes in locker, James greets Donna, student dances
Pilot: James pulls into Big Ed’s gas station, they talk about Laura, James gives Ed note for Donna
Pilot: Cooper & Truman in sheriff’s jeep, pull over James & Donna on James’ bike, bring them to the station
Episode 03: Briggs house, the Major talks to Bobby before the funeral
Episode 05: Bobby & Shelly with gun, Bobby mocks threats to an absent Leo
Episode 06: Bobby spies on James, Donna & Maddy (who is dressed as Laura)
Episode 19: At Evelyn’s Malcolm introduces himself to James
Episode 26: The Miss TP application at the Roadhouse, Bobby & Mike discuss Nadine
FWWM: James waits in custodian’s room as Laura enters in towel, Bobby enters school and walks toward trophy case

The Bookhouse Boys (Solo Guitar)
Episode 03: Leo & Jacques on phone, Shelly hides gun
Episode 05: Shelly on phone with Leo, Bobby puts gun in her hand
Episode 07: Cooper, Truman & James at sheriff station, Cooper asks James why cocaine was found in his gas tank
Episode 08: Shelly cries in hospital bed, Doc H is against Cooper leaving (one bar as the scene switches)
Episode 08: Bobby enters RR, cigarette in mouth (one bar)
Episode 10: Shelly meets with Cooper & Truman at the sheriff station, she won’t testify against Leo
Episode 11: Cooper walks in on Lucy & Andy’s fight (one bar)
Episode 12: Coop tells Truman he knows where Audrey is, switch to Johnson exterior (one bar)
Episode 13: Shelly & Bobby get first insurance check

As you can see from where the track was used, its title is a bit of a misnomer. It was mostly used with Bobby & Shelly, and could pretty accurately be thought of as "Bobby's Theme". Because of this fact, I debated over what to do for the art- create something that represented the name, or use a scene that the track was actually used. In the end I did both, creating a "Bookhouse Boys" themed cover for the main theme, and one with Bobby and Shelly for the Solo version.