December 19, 2011

New Archive release: Dark Mood Woods (Studio Version)


This week comes an unexpected and most welcome surprise from the TP Archive. The alternate "Clean/Clear" version of "Dark Mood Woods", AKA "The Studio Version".

The original version of "Dark Mood Woods" was first released in truncated form on the second season soundtrack, where only a portion of the track was heard and mixed with "The Red Room" (along with a few elements of "Windom Earle's Motif" & "Unease Motif"). The full version was released from the Archive back in May.

Weaving through much of the series' final episode, "Dark Mood Woods" is an essential Twin Peaks track(s). An integral component of Lynch's finale, that gives the episode a feel and mood completely its own. The somber mood created by "Dark Mood Woods" is unique to the episode, and it plays a large part in what makes that last episode so special.

After the original version was released, giving a closer listen to the final episode revealed that there were in fact two versions of the track heard. Or at the time, I had thought that perhaps they had just manipulated or mixed the track differently in certain places, giving it a different sound. So I was unsure if there would be another version or not. So, much to my surprise and delight, we finally get the other version in its full, almost 10 minute glory. And its an amazing track.

Here's the breakdown of the usage of the two versions:

Dark Mood Woods
Episode 29: Earle arrives at Glastonbury Grove with Annie, they enter the Lodge
Episode 29: Cooper and Truman arrive at Glastonbury Grove, Cooper enters the Lodge
Episode 29: Andy looks for Sheriff Truman in woods outside Glastonbury Grove
Episode 29: Heidi arrives late at the RR, Bobby and Shelly repeat dialogue from pilot, Jacoby & Mrs. Palmer arrive with a message for Major Briggs
Episode 29: Cooper & Annie appear outside Glastonbury Grove
Episode 29: Cooper wakes up at the Great Northern, wants to brush his teeth
FWWM: Morning after Partyland

Dark Mood Woods (Studio Version)
Episode 29: At the Sheriff Station, Pete says the Log Lady stole his truck, the Log Lady brings oil, Ronette is brought in
Episode 29: Morning, Andy asks Truman if he wants coffee and a “plate special”
Episode 29: Shot of Lodge corridor “I’m waiting for you” (mixed with Original Version)
Episode 29: Coop smashes head, asks “How’s Annie?” (mixed with Original Version)

Obviously, Lynch was a fan of the track as well, since he used the original (briefly) in FWWM, and as the soundtrack to the Log Lady intros that he created for the series' showings on Bravo.

As a side note, the original version of "Dark Mood Woods" actually made its first appearance in the two and a half minute recap at the start of episode 24. This special recap was created for the series' return after a lengthy hiatus during its original run on ABC, and featured Cooper dictating to Diane about the various goings-on in the storyline. (Unfortunately, this recap was not included on the Gold Box DVD set.)

Both versions are among my favorite Twin Peaks tracks, and I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas present from the Archives!

PS  This release also included two bonus tracks. A post and art for these will be up soon.


  1. Your use of the map symbols on the new releases (Dark Mood Woods & Christmas track) are inspired. Your artistry is consistently impressive.


  2. Thanks Jallen!! Very much appreciated!