May 24, 2011

New Archive release: RR Swing from FWWM

FWWM fans who were disappointed that the RR Bundle released a couple of weeks ago was missing FWWM's RR track, "RR Swing", can rest easily now- the track has finally been released! Unlike the background country tunes featured in the series, "RR Swing" (according to the end credits anyway) wasn't written by Badalamenti, but by Lynch & Slusser.

The released version of the track differs slightly from the version featured in the film by adding some percussive elements to the track. 

I was hoping to get the unreleased RR tracks with this (the main RR track and the one from OEJ's) (see my RR Diner country song guide.) Hopefully they haven't forgotten about these and we will see them at a later date.

Go grab the track and enjoy my art!

May 17, 2011

New Archive release: Dark Mood Woods


This week's Archive release is sure to make most all Twin Peaks fans happy (it was certainly one of my most wanted). When released on the second season soundtrack, only a portion of "Dark Mood Woods" was heard and mixed with "The Red Room". Here is the full version for the first time.

Weaving through much of the series' final episode, it's an essential Twin Peaks track. And an integral component of Lynch's finale, giving the episode a feel and mood completely its own. The somber mood created by "Dark Mood Woods" is unique to the episode, and it plays a large part in what makes that last episode so special. 

Obviously, Lynch was a fan of the track, since he used it (albeit briefly) in FWWM, and as the soundtrack to the Log Lady intros that he created for the series' showings on Bravo.

Another much wanted and welcome release from

May 13, 2011

RR Diner country song guide

Here's my guide to where the background country tracks appear in the series:

There were five background "country songs" played in the RR during the series:

Northwest Gulch (RR Tune No 1) (played in the RR in episodes 2, 12, 15, 20 & 24, and at Wallies in episode 21)
Secret Country (RR Tune No 2) (played in the RR in episodes 4 & 5)
Picking On Country (RR Tune No 3) (played in the RR in episodes 6 & 19, and at the Roadhouse in episode 23)
Western Ballad (RR Tune No 4) (played in the RR in episodes 11, 15 & 27)

The fifth track (still unreleased) was first played as the background music for scenes at One-Eyed Jacks, but was later used at Wallies & the RR:
One-Eyed Jacks (RR Tune No 5) (played at One-Eyed Jacks in episodes 6 & 12, at Wallies in episode 21, and in the RR in episode 26)

May 10, 2011

New Archive release: RR Diner "source cue" bundle (#1?)- including I'm Hurt Bad


This week's new release is a seven track bundle of "source cues" or background music that were heard throughout the series in the RR diner. The first thing you will notice though, is that the MAIN RR track is not included! Seems like an odd decision. I wonder if it will come later?
Here's what's included:
"Mister Snooty" (Dick & Lucy's RR lunch from episode 10. Later used 
during Leland's creepy dance with Donna, and when Dick attempts to change a tire.)
"Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Version)"
"Picking On Country" (RR tune from eps 6 & 19)
"I'm Hurt Bad" (Full Version from Industrial Symphony No 1)
"Western Ballad" (RR tune from eps 11, 15, & 27)
"Preparing For M.T. Wentz" (Heard in episode 11 as Norma and Hank, well, prepare for MT Wentz!)
"Secret Country" (RR tune from eps 4 & 5)

Perhaps there will be a second bundle released as there is still the main RR track, the One Eyed Jacks track (also used in the RR), and of course RR Swing from FWWM. I'm sure some of these will split listeners. Some may not care for the country background music. But I think its a great release. Very fun to have, and the obscure nature of these bodes well for there being many more releases from to come!! Check it out, and enjoy my artwork. 

May 8, 2011

My Archive wish list

The Twin Peaks Archive has already released the two tracks that sat at the top of my most wanted wish list for years: "Annie & Cooper" & "Twin Peaks (Solo Rhodes)". Here's a list of my most wanted tracks that remain unreleased...

from the series:
- Audrey's Prayer (Alternate Version) (from episode 17 when Audrey says goodbye to Cooper)
- Harold's Theme (Alternate Version) (from episode 18 when Josie tells Truman about her past)
- A longer version (than on the second soundtrack) of Harold's Theme (there's more to it than was on the 1:43 min soundtrack version)
- The full version of "Dark Mood Woods" (it was truncated & merged with "The Red Room" on the second season soundtrack)
- Full versions of "I'm Hurt Bad" and "James & Evelyn" (they were merged in the second season soundtrack, shortchanging both tracks- there are only 38 seconds(!) of "I'm Hurt Bad" featured)
- Hank's Theme
- John Justice Wheeler's Theme
- Just You (Original Instrumental)
- There are still great alternate variations of Audrey's Dance, Freshly Squeezed, Dance Of The Dream Man, & Laura Palmer's Theme that remain unreleased
- The theme played for most of Josie's scenes in her final episode (Josie & Andrew toast "to beginnings... AND endings") (this is perhaps a variation of LP's Theme?)

from FWWM:
- Full versions of the songs from the montage: "Girl Talk", "Birds In Hell" and the piano version of "LP's Theme"
- RR Swing
- Sycamore Trees (Instrumental)

There are of course many, many more than this list. But these are the ones I'm hoping for most.

May 3, 2011

New Archive release: Americana!


Funny thing about the track "Americana"- the original is only a very short 34 second track, and appears in only a handful of scenes. And yet it was still (until this release) one of the most requested unreleased tracks from the series. The write-up for "Americana" makes it sound like is was used quite a lot throughout the series (see below). When in reality, I believe it shows up in only four episodes (6 scenes). I will agree its a very memorable track - most remembered for the James scene that starts episode 18, where its been looped to create a longer version (although still only a brief 1m17s).

Here's where it appears in the series:
Episode 1:
- Very briefly mixed with a "noise" effect when Leo beats Shelly

Episode 14:
- Briefly when Ed & Nadine enter the RR

Episode 17:
Two scenes with Nadine:
- Ed & Jacoby talk the the asst. principal (this is the full original version)
- Nadine's Cheerleader tryout

Episode 18:
- James rides out of Twin Peaks during the opening credits
- Briefly as James pulls into Wallies

Not sure where/when the title of the track actually originated. For many years, no track name was known to fans- I thought of it as "James". But a few years back (in 2007) it appeared as a choice of music to use for a Lynch coffee commercial contest, and was labeled "Americana". I guess the name was indeed official. has released a slightly altered (52 second) version of the original, looping part of it and replacing the hard ending with a fade. Unfortunately, they did not release any of the actual looped versions created for the series. But, as a bonus, we do get an unused version of the song entitled "James Hurley". And its pretty cool. Despite the brief playing time of "Americana", its still great to have this memorable track.