May 24, 2011

New Archive release: RR Swing from FWWM

FWWM fans who were disappointed that the RR Bundle released a couple of weeks ago was missing FWWM's RR track, "RR Swing", can rest easily now- the track has finally been released! Unlike the background country tunes featured in the series, "RR Swing" (according to the end credits anyway) wasn't written by Badalamenti, but by Lynch & Slusser.

The released version of the track differs slightly from the version featured in the film by adding some percussive elements to the track. 

I was hoping to get the unreleased RR tracks with this (the main RR track and the one from OEJ's) (see my RR Diner country song guide.) Hopefully they haven't forgotten about these and we will see them at a later date.

Go grab the track and enjoy my art!

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