May 3, 2011

New Archive release: Americana!


Funny thing about the track "Americana"- the original is only a very short 34 second track, and appears in only a handful of scenes. And yet it was still (until this release) one of the most requested unreleased tracks from the series. The write-up for "Americana" makes it sound like is was used quite a lot throughout the series (see below). When in reality, I believe it shows up in only four episodes (6 scenes). I will agree its a very memorable track - most remembered for the James scene that starts episode 18, where its been looped to create a longer version (although still only a brief 1m17s).

Here's where it appears in the series:
Episode 1:
- Very briefly mixed with a "noise" effect when Leo beats Shelly

Episode 14:
- Briefly when Ed & Nadine enter the RR

Episode 17:
Two scenes with Nadine:
- Ed & Jacoby talk the the asst. principal (this is the full original version)
- Nadine's Cheerleader tryout

Episode 18:
- James rides out of Twin Peaks during the opening credits
- Briefly as James pulls into Wallies

Not sure where/when the title of the track actually originated. For many years, no track name was known to fans- I thought of it as "James". But a few years back (in 2007) it appeared as a choice of music to use for a Lynch coffee commercial contest, and was labeled "Americana". I guess the name was indeed official. has released a slightly altered (52 second) version of the original, looping part of it and replacing the hard ending with a fade. Unfortunately, they did not release any of the actual looped versions created for the series. But, as a bonus, we do get an unused version of the song entitled "James Hurley". And its pretty cool. Despite the brief playing time of "Americana", its still great to have this memorable track.

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