April 26, 2011

New Archive release: Love Theme (Laura Palmer's Theme)


Another new Archive release from davidlynch.com. This time its two versions of what is probably the signature theme from the show, Laura Palmer's Theme (aka the Love Theme). The "Alternate" version stays pretty close to the original version but with some interesting variations. The real gem of this release though, is the "Solo Rhodes" version. I believe this version was heard only once in the series- in the pilot when Cooper interrogates Donna about the picnic video. Its lovely, and I'm surprised they didn't use it more. Hearing it on its own is a real treat.

There are, of course, several versions of Laura Palmer's Theme that remain unreleased. Most significantly, the version with piano twinklings from the Jacoby coconut scene, the version with guitar punctuations, and the ethereal version played over the picnic video. Hopefully these will also see the light of day as part of the Archive releases. 

Another very nice release. See my artwork here.


  1. AMAZING WORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!