December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Here's the cover for the very short "Twin Peaks Christmas Greeting" that was featured in a holiday ad during the original broadcast run of the second season. (The ad can be seen on the bonus disc of the Gold Box set.)

What an amazing year this has been for fans of Twin Peaks and its music! The Archive releases have been like a present that keeps on giving. My heartfelt thanks to Dean, Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch and all involved in these releases at!

Looking forward to seeing more musical gifts in the New Year. Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. I just stumbled upon the TP Archive and my mind is reeling! Of course I bought what's been released of the Archive so far from, but weirdly, this track (and three others) wasn't part of it. Any idea why? Hope it wasn't a limited offer.

  2. Hey Bruce, I've been buying each new track or bundle when they come out, so I'm not entirely sure. But in theory, when you buy the entire "Album" from the archive, you should get every track released SO FAR. (After that you must buy each release separately). I'm guessing any missing tracks are actually a mistake. I would contact them about the missing tracks. They may either give them to you, or maybe you'll have to grab those few individual releases(?)

  3. Thanks. I eventually found the bundle that includes the Christmas track in it and just bought it individually. It's a nice enough track but I was a bit bummed it didn't include Cooper's greeting. Oh well. The Archive is an unbelievable release that I'm so glad I finally discovered.

    Thank you for the excellent site and the wonderful artwork!