November 19, 2011

New Archive release: The Mill Deal


This week's new release features three short tracks. 
The Mill Deal (1:27)
Josie And Jonathan (The Mill Deal) (2:03)
The Mill Fire (0:55)

First up is "The Mill Deal" which is only heard once at its original speed:

The Mill Deal
Episode 04: Ben & Leo discuss the mill deal in the woods, continues into next scene: Donna & James look for Laura's necklace

The half-speed version of the track was heard three times in the second season, and the TP Archive has released the slow version as "Josie And Jonathan". The released version recreates the edit heard in the Josie and Jonathan scene from episode 13, which features the slowed down first minute of "The Mill Deal" with a repeated portion from the middle of the track used as an ending. A slightly longer version (featuring almost all of the slowed down original, without the repeated "ending") can be heard in the Josie and Truman scene in episode 11.

Josie And Jonathan (The Mill Deal)
Episode 11: Truman & Josie make love, Josie asks Truman to tear her outfit
Episode 13: After sex, Jonathan gives Josie a one way ticket back to Hong Kong
Episode 13: Josie & Jonathan leave, Truman tells her he loves her

Finally, we get what is probably the most untypical track heard in the entire series, the short action track heard in episode 7 when the mill fire starts.

The Mill Fire
Episode 07: Catherine talks to a tied-up Shelly, fire starts, Catherine frees Shelly
Episode 12: Part of the mix when the security guard pulls a gun on Cooper (with Audrey) & Truman at OEJs

Thanks again to Dean and the TP Archive for continuing to release all of these great tracks. Twin Peaks has once again become a weekly event this past year.

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