September 26, 2011

New Archive release: Bookhouse Boys (full version & solo)


"The Bookhouse Boys" is probably one of the better known tracks from Twin Peaks, not only from its use on the show, but because it was featured on the original best-selling soundtrack. That version however, was actually a mix or "montage" created especially for the soundtrack, and consisted of the following elements:

The Bookhouse Boys (Soundtrack Version)
   a) Dance of the Dream Man (Solo Sax)
   b) Solo Percussion 2 (Grady’s Waltz)
   c) Bookhouse Boys
   d) Sneaky Audrey

Each of these components have now been released separately thanks to the Twin Peaks Archive from Here we finally get the full 5+ minute version of the track, along with the "Solo Guitar" version that was also featured often in the series.

Here's where they were used on the show:

The Bookhouse Boys
Pilot: School hallway before class Audrey changes shoes & smokes in locker, James greets Donna, student dances
Pilot: James pulls into Big Ed’s gas station, they talk about Laura, James gives Ed note for Donna
Pilot: Cooper & Truman in sheriff’s jeep, pull over James & Donna on James’ bike, bring them to the station
Episode 03: Briggs house, the Major talks to Bobby before the funeral
Episode 05: Bobby & Shelly with gun, Bobby mocks threats to an absent Leo
Episode 06: Bobby spies on James, Donna & Maddy (who is dressed as Laura)
Episode 19: At Evelyn’s Malcolm introduces himself to James
Episode 26: The Miss TP application at the Roadhouse, Bobby & Mike discuss Nadine
FWWM: James waits in custodian’s room as Laura enters in towel, Bobby enters school and walks toward trophy case

The Bookhouse Boys (Solo Guitar)
Episode 03: Leo & Jacques on phone, Shelly hides gun
Episode 05: Shelly on phone with Leo, Bobby puts gun in her hand
Episode 07: Cooper, Truman & James at sheriff station, Cooper asks James why cocaine was found in his gas tank
Episode 08: Shelly cries in hospital bed, Doc H is against Cooper leaving (one bar as the scene switches)
Episode 08: Bobby enters RR, cigarette in mouth (one bar)
Episode 10: Shelly meets with Cooper & Truman at the sheriff station, she won’t testify against Leo
Episode 11: Cooper walks in on Lucy & Andy’s fight (one bar)
Episode 12: Coop tells Truman he knows where Audrey is, switch to Johnson exterior (one bar)
Episode 13: Shelly & Bobby get first insurance check

As you can see from where the track was used, its title is a bit of a misnomer. It was mostly used with Bobby & Shelly, and could pretty accurately be thought of as "Bobby's Theme". Because of this fact, I debated over what to do for the art- create something that represented the name, or use a scene that the track was actually used. In the end I did both, creating a "Bookhouse Boys" themed cover for the main theme, and one with Bobby and Shelly for the Solo version.


  1. They just keep getting better!! Great job Ross!!

  2. Thanks Jerry! I think some of my best covers are yet to come. When/if certain tracks are released...