September 16, 2011

New Archive release: Just You (Instrumental)


The Twin Peaks Archive returns this week with not one, but two releases! A "Dance Of The Dream Man" Solo bundle, and the instrumental version of "Just You". I'll start with "Just You" because I already created art for this one a while back.

The original vocal version of "Just You" really needs no introduction- it was showcased in episode 9 where James, Donna & Maddy record a song together. And can be heard again in episode 21 (James outside of Evelyn's with his bike). The vocal version (featuring James Marshall and backup vocals by Lara Flynn Boyle & Sheryl Lee) was released on the Second Soundtrack. When the Archive releases first started, they released a very cool (but short) Instrumental Baritone Guitar version of "Just You" that was actually never used in the series. The instrumental version of the original, however, was used a handful of times. And here we finally see it released.

Here's where it was used in the series:
Episode 10: James & Maddy talk at the RR, and James & Maddy kiss at the Palmer's.
Episode 13: James & Donna outside of Harold Smith's.
Episode 25: Donna receives James' postcard from San Francisco

Another very welcome Archive release. Please support these wonderful releases from and enjoy my art. I will return with a post & art for the "Dance Of The Dream Man" Solo bundle...


  1. Love the cover of "Just You (Instrumental)", one of your best I would say, can't wait for the covers for the DOFTDM bundle. Will you do separate covers for each of the 5 songs? Would be great if you could post an overview of when of each of the 5 songs was used in the series too as you did with "Just You".

  2. Thank you very much for your artwork and for your episodes guide for each track. Could you do the same, or tell me where I can find, such episodes guides for the previous soundtracks : ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK FROM TWIN PEAKS, TWIN PEAKS - SEASON TWO MUSIC AND MORE, and TWIN PEAKS FIRE WALK WITH ME ?
    Thank you.
    Pablo De La Pampa

  3. Thanks for the compliment on the cover! It actually turned out to be one of my favorites as well. Always nice to hear people enjoy what I post. I'm never sure if many people see the site or not.

    I still have work to do on the DOTDM covers- but I will post a guide as well.