April 8, 2012

New Archive Release: Black Lodge bundle


Those waiting for the remaining slow speed orchestra tracks will be delighted with this week's new "Black Lodge bundle" release. FWWM fans will find a couple of treats as well.

First up we get an extremely interesting track. Only the first quarter of "The Culmination" was featured in episode 16 in the Leland/Bob/sprinkler scene. And after that only the very first segment of the track was used in episodes more like a sound effect. The last three quarters of the track are heard here for the first time, and feature distorted elements of "Sneaky Audrey" & "Laura Palmer's Theme".  The latter even briefly re-imagined as a waltz. Very interesting.

The Culmination (4:17)
Episode 16: Sprinkler system turns on, handcuffed Leland/Bob smashes head against door, Cooper and gang unlock door and rush in
Episode 16: End of episode- POV shot through woods
Episode 20: Shot of leaky sprinkler
Episode 23: Josie dies
Episode 25: Owl Cave; owl turns to look at camera
Episode 27: Old lady’s hand shakes
Episode 27: Cooper’s hand shakes
Episode 27: Pete’s hand shakes
Episode 27: Bob reaches out from Black Lodge

Next we get the three remaining half speed orchestra tracks found in the Archives.

Dugpas (Half Speed Orchestra 4) (1:29)
Episode 12: Ben (and Cooper) receive ransom instructions from Jean
Episode 20: Briggs’ memories (or lack thereof) of his abduction
Episode 27: The tape of Earle talking about the Dugpas & the Black Lodge
Episode 27: Very briefly when Earle injects Briggs with drug

Bob’s Dance/Back To Missoula (Half Speed Orchestra 6) (1:11)
Episode 14: Bob dances with Maddy
Episode 14: Leland smashes Maddy into picture
Episode 20: Cooper discovers the body of the vagrant at the end of the episode
Episode 21: In the mix at the end of the scene that starts the episode where Cooper and company examine the body of the vagrant (mixed over Windom Earle’s Motif)
Episode 23: Josie turns into drawer pull

The final half speed track was most probably unused. Although it may be buried in a mix somewhere- I'm not 100% certain. It was released from the Archive without a title (just HSO7), but a member of the Dugpa forum christened it "Through The Darkness", so I'm going with that as well.

Through The Darkness (Half Speed Orchestra 7) (1:27)

The final series track in this release is the stand-alone version of "The Red Room". This track was featured in its entirety as part of the montage track "Dark Mood Woods/The Red Room" on the second soundtrack. The television version runs much longer, but is actually just extended by looping sections of the track several times. The released version is the complete track.

The Red Room (5:34)
Episode 29: Cooper's time in the Red Room/Lodge (looped)

Return to FWWM


We round out this week's release with two of the last remaining tracks from FWWM. "Distant Train" heard when Leland sits and cries on his bed. A very cool ambient track- I'm honestly not sure if its an actual sound recording of a train, or a created track. Not sure if having Angelo's name on there makes sense(?)

And finally the stripped-down version of "Laura's Dark Boogie" that accompanies Leland's flashback of Teresa, "You look just like my Laura". I actually prefer this version over the other.

The FWWM soundtrack is mostly complete now. The version of "The Pink Room" heard in the film is slightly different, so we may get a "Film Version"(?) And there is one unreleased slow speed orchestral track that plays before, and then under, "Night Bells", when Laura tells Bobby, "You killed Mike".

Distant Train (1:35)
Laura's Dark Boogie (5:04)


  1. Your covers are better and better, Ross! :-D

    "Not sure if having Angelo's name on there makes sense(?)"

    IMO - no - I don't believe Badalamenti had to do enything with that one.

    1. Thanks Jakub! Always appreciated. And you're probably right about Angelo & "Distant Train". I just wasn't sure what to put. I wish we had a better idea of who was responsible for the tracks.

  2. Thanks so much, Ross. This bundle was quite exciting. Artwork is great as always. So both versions of "dark boogie" are featured in FWWM? --Mike

    1. Thanks Mike! And yes, both versions are in the film. The original (released on the second soundtrack) was heard during Laura's dream sequence (the painting), and this version was heard during Leland's flashback of Teresa.

  3. But wait, and is there any scene with Half Speed Orchestra 7 used? Or is this one unused? I'm asking only because this theme seems to me very familiar, I'm sure I heard it while watching TP..

    1. As far as I know, its unused. But like I said, I'm not 100% certain. If someone can find it, please let me know!

    2. So I feel I gotta re-watch TP again))

    3. Let me know if you find it!

  4. > Not sure if having Angelo's name on there makes sense(?)

    My mp3 player shows no artist tags ONLY in this track. So formally it has no author :)

    1. Yeah- I wasn't sure what to do for the art though. Just put "Distant Train" with no artist name?