April 20, 2012

New Archive Release: James & Evelyn bundle

I've been waiting for this release for a while now. The James and Evelyn story line is certainly one of the least liked among TP fans. Although I've actually never disliked it nearly as much as others. For one, I think many of the scenes are stylishly shot. And also because the great music tracks "Night Bells" and "James & Evelyn" were heavily featured. I've been waiting for the original version of "James & Evelyn" since the archive releases started. And here we finally have it.

James & Evelyn (3:29)
Episode 19: Stormy night at Evelyn’s; James hears Evelyn & Jeffery fighting, talks to Malcolm
Episode 20: James and Evelyn get it on on her car in the driveway, Malcolm watches from afar
Episode 20: Evelyn leaves James sleeping after they’ve made love, kiss Malcolm in hallway
Episode 22: After Malcolm knocks out James, he tells Evelyn (on couch), “you got your gun & you shot James…”
Episode 22: Evelyn shoots Malcolm, Donna cries, Evelyn repeats, “I got my gun…”

When the second soundtrack was released, the montage track (identified only as) "I'm Hurt Bad" actually featured a different, unheard version of "James & Evelyn". That track was made up of:
- Only the first 35 seconds of "I'm Hurt Bad"
- About 15 seconds of the original "James & Evelyn"
- And about 1 minute of (slightly edited) "James & Evelyn (Trail Mix)"

I was pretty disappointed with the track at the time because unlike some of the other soundtrack montages, I didn't feel the montage aspect worked very well with these two tracks. And more importantly, it shortchanged both. I did, however, love this unheard "bass" version of "James & Evelyn" and wished for a full version.

Well I got one of the biggest surprises of the Archive releases this week because that full track has been released. And its an amazing 9+ minute version that goes right into my top ten TP tracks of all time. It really surprises me that it was never used on the show, especially in the James and Evelyn story. Amazing that even at this late date in the Archive releases, such a surprise can pop up.

James & Evelyn (Trail Mix) (9:27)

Next up we have the piano track "Evelyn's Mourning". Oddly, instead of releasing either of the two unaltered original versions of the track, they made a mix as in episode 22 which ends with part of "Laura Palmer's Theme (Solo Piano)". Not sure why they did it this way. Both unaltered original versions popped up among the tracks that were leaked years ago (in not-great audio quality).

Evelyn’s Mourning (1:47)
Episode 19: James & Evelyn in her car; Jeffery arrives
Episode 22: Evelyn in veil after Jeffery’s death, interviewed by cops (segues into Laura Palmer’s Theme (Solo Piano))

The fourth and final track in this release is also a surprise. The Opera track that is heard in episodes 1 & 22. I had no idea this was actually a Badalamenti track! But apparently it is. I wonder who the vocalist is? Or if it is based on an actual opera track.

La Speranza (1:38)
Episode 1: Major Briggs talks to Bobby at the dinner table, strikes Bobby when he puts a cigarette in mouth
Episode 22: Donna and James meet at Wallies, talk about James' situation with Evelyn, Donna calls Ed

Anyway, thanks again to Dean & the Archive. What a shame it would have been for something like the "Trail Mix" to remain unreleased and unheard. The 3 biggest (and most welcome) surprises of the Archive releases so far (for me) are:
1. Dark Mood Woods (Studio Version)
2. James & Evelyn (Trail Mix)
3. Fire Walk With Me (Saxophone)


  1. I'm little disappointed with 'Evelyn's Mourning'. I like original version much more.

    1. Very much agreed. Wish they would have just released the two unaltered originals.

  2. I love the baritone guitar on "Trail Mix"! "La Speranza" wasn't originally a Badalamenti piece... my fiancée has performed this song! She got her bachelor's major in vocal performance.

    1. Thanks for the info, Andrew. Would love to hear more about the origin of this track (La Speranza). Like was it recorded specifically for TP?

  3. Hey Ross, they've left us hanging again. Any reason for the delay in more releases do you know? Keep up the great work with the cover art, your designs certainly kick the arse of the embedded images that the audio files come with! :-)

    1. Thanks for the compliments Jay!! As for the delay- from what I understand, the Archive releases are pretty much single-handedly run by one person: David Lynch's musical assistant/collaborator Dean Hurley. So if Dean is busy, there will be a delay. There will hopefully be a release tonight.

  4. Hm, i don't get it, now davidlynch.com shows the 'james&evelyn bundle' contents with 'evelyn's mourning' extended. i downloaded this bundle as soon as it appeared, but there was no extended track..
    any ideas? will this bundle continue being um completed?

  5. Thank you Ross for ALL the great work here! :-)

    But PLEASE don't forget the 2 new pieces of "Evelyn's Mourning"!!!

    master468 (from Dugpa-Forum)

  6. What's up with the extra covers? :)

  7. Hey guys- see the new post about the updated "Evelyn's Mourning".