March 24, 2012

New Archive Release: Great Northern bundle


This week brings a fantastic 8 track bundle of (mostly) Great Northern related tracks.

Great Northern Big Band (1:31)
Episode 3: At the Great Northern, Leland breaks down & cries for someone to dance with him
Episode 5: Party for the Icelanders, as the music starts, Leland starts dancing & breaking down, Catherine tries to save the situation by dancing with him
Episode 5: Ben & Josie in his office, music from above scene heard in background before fading out

Attack Of The Pine Weasel (2:12)
Episode 24: All hell breaks loose as the pine weasel runs amuck at the Stop Ghostwood fashion show


Next up we finally get the 4th Great Northern Piano Tune (heard in episodes 25 & 26). Previously, I had posted one cover for all of the GNP tracks. But I've had requests for individual covers, so I'm presenting them here now.

One thing you will notice is that there is a 10 sec synth line in the track from about 1:43-1:53 from the soundtrack of episode 25 (Cooper sees the cuts on Annie's wrists). A bit odd, I wonder if perhaps this track was missing from the archives and was pulled from the episode soundtrack itself, resulting in the sound being included(?) The "wine tasting" scene in ep 26 uses the track sped up and looped (and this sound is absent in that scene).

So the only missing Piano track now would be the "extended" version of #2 that appears in episode 23. Not sure about this one. Maybe it was made from 2 tracks? I listened to it closer, and the first part of the track is the released version, and then the second half of the track has two small sections that may be loops from the released version, but there is one section that isn't from the (released) track, and I don't recognize if from any of the other 3 GNP tracks.

Great Northern Piano Tune 4 (2:55)
Episode 25: Annie orders a drink, talks to Cooper
Episode 26: Wine tasting scene 1 (sped-up and looped)


Next up are the 4 tracks used during the Milford wedding in episode 18. The numbering of the wedding tunes is a little weird, as its different than the TV order. Which would be #3 Accordion = #1, #1 = #2, and #2 ('Stranger Nights') = #3. So I changed them to match the TV order.

Wedding song #1 (released)/#2 (actual) was looped to extend by about a minute when later used in the diner (ep 25).

Wedding Hymn (0:33)
Episode 18: Milford wedding vows

Wedding Song No 1 (Accordion) (1:02)
Episode 18: Cooper arrives at the wedding reception and talks to Denise

Wedding Song No 2 (1:52)
Episode 18: Denise tells Cooper his story about wearing woman’s clothes; meets Lana
Episode 25: Cole, Cooper & Truman enter the RR, Cole introduces himself to Shelly, he can hear her (looped)

Wedding Song No 3 (Stranger Nights) (1:13)
Episode 18: Cooper dances with Audrey; Andy dances with Denise

Lastly, we get a track that actually wasn't heard in the Great Northern. Although it was used as part of the released version (but not TV version) of "Twin Peaks (Nostalgia Version)". The Solo Harp version was only used once in the series (episode 21), and was actually never heard at its original speed (the released version). The episode features the tracks slowed down.

Twin Peaks (Solo Harp) (1:03)
Episode 21: Doc Hayward tells Dick & Andy about Little Nicky’s past (slowed down)


  1. I love the Attack of the Pine Weasel cover! It's hilarious! It reminds me of old horror posters.

    1. Thanks Andrew. Check out the updated version I posted that plays up the poster idea more. I'll keep both on the site.

  2. Can you please tell me, which track plays at the end of the episode 2.9, when we see a giant owl after Harry says, '..where's BOB now?'.
    I literally can't find this one! I suppose, it's not released yet, but I even can't find the name, even after exploring your chronological order guide...
    I'm sure, it's not the 'Owl Cave' track either...
    Thank you!

    1. Its definitely not something that's been released yet. And I don't have it listed either. It's hard to say how much is sound effects and how much is an actual track. Hopefully there will be a release and we will find out!

  3. Ross. I must say: FAN-TAS-TIC!

  4. "Attack Of The Pine Weasel" sounds SO genuine, like it was recorded in the 60s! Love it.

    1. Its great to hear this one on its own. It really is a fun track.

  5. The new Great Northern artwork is excellent! I definitely like having unique artwork for each individual track. Thanks so much!

    Wonderful work also on the wedding track artwork. You're so good making these!

    1. Thanks Bruce. Much appreciated!!

  6. Ross,

    I know you detailed it in your post, but I'm still confused...

    My track from that is labeled "Wedding Song #3 (Stranger Nights)" (1:02 secs) is actually the one with accordion. The other 2 tracks are 1:52 secs and 1:13 secs. Can you tell me which one is which for labeling and artwork purposes?


    1. Sure. And sorry for the confusion. It just made more sense to me to name them the TV order. So...

      Track released as: Wedding Song 3 (Accordion), should be: Wedding Song 1 (Accordion)
      Track released as: Wedding Song 1, should be: Wedding Song 2
      Track released as: Wedding Song 2 (Stranger Nights), should be: Wedding Song 3 (Stranger Nights)

  7. Thank you so much for the clarification and, as always, for the stellar artwork!

    1. No problem. And thanks for the compliments!