March 11, 2012

New Archive release: Audrey's Dance DOTDM mixes


Along with this week's "Audrey's Dance/Sneaky Audrey" bundle, the Archive released three mixes of "Audrey's Dance" that are combinations of the fast version of "Audrey's Dance" with the solo versions of "Dance Of The Dream Man". These are fantastic, especially the Flute version. Surprisingly, none of these were ever used on the show. But luckily, they were in the Archives, and can now be heard!

Audrey's Dance (Dance Of The Dream Man Clarinet) (3:37)
Audrey's Dance (Dance Of The Dream Man Flute) (3:39)
Audrey's Dance (Dance Of The Dream Man Sax) (3:40)


  1. It's interesting to get these, because toward the end of Dance of the Dream Man, the vibraphone from the "Fast Clean" version of Audrey's Dance shows up. Audrey's Dance (Dance Of The Dream Man Sax) is basically the original Dance of the Dream Man with the "Fast Clean" vibraphone throughout the song.

    - Andrew

    1. You're right Andrew. For the version of DOTDM on the original soundtrack they mixed in the vibraphone element of "Audrey's Dance" near the end. And actually the original version of DOTDM, featuring just the sax, was actually on the audio cassette release, "Diane… the Twin Peaks Tapes of Agent Cooper". Unfortunately, I no longer have a tape deck to play mine. Maybe we will get the original from the Archive.

      You can hear it here:

      And yes- I love this flute version!

  2. The flute version is definitely a treat, though!

  3. Whoa, I had no idea there was a version with the vibraphone at the end! I need to check out that Cooper's Tapes release.