March 9, 2012

New Archive release: Audrey's Dance bundle


The Twin Peaks Archive returns this week with a fantastic 11-track bundle that really fills in some holes in the collection. Finally releasing a few tracks that were used quite often in the series. I'll be splitting this release into a few posts. First up is the "Audrey's Dance" bundle.

Aside from the original version that was released on the original soundtrack and the "Percussion & Clarinets" version that was released previously from the Archive, there were an additional 5 versions of "Audrey's Dance" used in the series. All of which are included in this release.

Audrey’s Dance (Fast) (Clean) (3:40)
Pilot: Bobby and Shelly in Bobby’s car
Episode 04: Josie takes pictures at the Timber Falls Motel
Episode 24: Pete figures out chess moves
Episode 25: Great Northern; Donna follows her mom, Mike and Nadine check out, Donna asks Audrey about her mom & Ben

Audrey’s Dance (Clean) (5:15)
Pilot: Bobby arrives at school, is summoned to the office
Pilot: Bobby is interrogated by the police in the school library
Pilot: Bobby & Mike go to Donna’s house
Pilot: James is put into a jail cell across from Bobby & Mike
Pilot: Bobby & Mike bark at James in the jail cells
Episode 01: Bobby & Mike in the jail cell discuss Leo
Episode 01: Bobby & Mike see James’ bike outside Donna’s house
Episode 03: Norma meets with Mr. Mooney in the RR
Episode 04: Bobby & Shelly make out at Shelly’s, she gives him Leo’s bloody shirt, shows him her gun
Episode 06: Donna & James enter Jacoby’s, Bobby plants drugs on James’ bike
Episode 07: Bobby calls Lucy (as Leo) tells her James is an “Easy Rider”
Episode 12: Bobby, Shelly & Mr. Pinkle
Episode 15: Bobby listens to tape of Leo & Ben
Episode 19: Bobby hits on Audrey on his way to bring Ben pictures (mixed with Freshly Squeezed (Solo Clarinet))
Episode 21: James meets Evelyn’s husband Jeffery
Episode 24: Windom visits Donna as “Dr. Craig”

Audrey’s Dance (Solo Rhodes) (5:16)
Episode 02: Bobby & Mike arrive in woods to meet Leo (mixed with Laura Palmer’s Theme)
Episode 05: Cooper and Truman at Jacques’ apartment
Episode 05: Cooper finds Fleshworld at Jacques’ apartment
Episode 08: Cooper and Truman find boot under porch board (few sounds mixed with Solo Percussion 3)
Episode 10: Leland flicks a match into ashtray (few sounds mixed with Laura Palmer’s Theme (Bass Guitar Punctuation))
Episode 12: Shelly at the hearing for Leo (one bar)
Episode 12: Truman tells Shelly Leo is free to go home, Sternwood tells Cooper about the woods
Episode 12: Maddy in bushes outside of Harold’s

Audrey’s Dance (Synth & Vibraphone) (1:06)
Episode 06: Cooper sets tape recorder for Waldo

Finally, there is the often used "Drums And Bass" version. The naming of the track confused me a bit at first. I originally thought "Freshly Squeezed" made more sense since it doesn't have that melodic component that we think of as "Audrey's Dance". But upon closer listen you realize that it's actually a "cleaner" version of the "clean" version, with that melodic component stripped out. (It's the "Clean" version without the "Solo Rhodes" added to it.) So, it's technically the base "Drums And Bass" track used for "Audrey's Dance". I originally had a choice of covers up for both names, but it's technically correct as "Audrey's Dance". No matter the name, its really nice to finally have this one!!

Audrey’s Dance (Drums And Bass) (5:12)
Episode 01: Cooper tells Bobby & Mike they are free to go, warn them not to hurt James
Episode 08: Truman, Cooper and Albert see Bobby in the hall at the hospital
Episode 11: Cooper asks Truman for one of the Bookhouse Boys
Episode 12: Cooper wakes up & dictates to Diane, tells of dreaming of eating a “large, tasteless gumdrop”
Episode 13: Ben’s office, Josie & Ben “stalemate”, Ben pays her 5 million dollars & they end their partnership
Episode 19: Denise to Cooper, “Exactly how old is that girl?” about Audrey
Episode 20: Lucy tells Cooper she didn’t find any mention of Windom Earle or chess moves in the personals
Episode 21: Audrey & Bobby at the Great Northern, she compares Ben’s mental state to an ice cube
Episode 23: A celery eating Ben announces his plan to “save the pine weasel”
Episode 24: Annie arrives at the RR, Norma introduces her to Shelly
Episode 24: Ben’s “Stop Ghostwood” speech
Episode 25: JJW tells Ben (eating a carrot) that he’s falling in love with Audrey
Episode 26: Ben addresses the Miss TP committee about the topic for the speeches
Episode 28: Ben tries to talk Audrey into making a speech at the Miss TP contest

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