March 9, 2012

The Twin Peaks Archive: One Year Later

Last march marked the beginning of the TP Archive on I had heard that was being reworked as a music site, and I had hoped that might possibly mean the release of some Twin Peaks tracks. And then two versions of FWWM's "Deer Meadow Shuffle" popped up as part of an "open album". I never would have dreamed that within a year we'd see a majority of the unreleased Twin Peaks tracks released. Its a year later, and the Archive is still going strong. It's something I thought I'd never see. And its been a dream come true.

This site has been a love letter to the Archive releases, the TP music in general, and to other fans. I hope others have found it to be a great companion site for info and of course the covers themselves.

So what's next? I think there are still some treats awaiting us. From Ben's Civil War tracks to the Milford Wedding songs. Also the remaining slow/half speed tracks. Right now, I'm probably looking forward to the original version of "James & Evelyn" the most. But will cherish all that are released.


Here's what's left unreleased:

Attack Of The Pine Weasel
Audrey (Clean TV Version)
Ben’s Battle (Various Versions)
Ben’s Lament
Great Northern Big Band
One-Armed Man's Theme (Solo Clarinet Improv)
One-Armed Man's Theme (Clarinet & Bass Clarinet Combo)
One-Armed Man's Theme (Solo Bass Clarinet) AKA "Jean Renault's Theme"
Dance Of The Dream Man (Original Sax)
Dick Tremeyne’s Swing 
Earle's Theme (Strings) [unused]
Earle’s Theme 2 (Audrey’s Walk)
Evelyn’s Mourning (2 versions)
Freshly Squeezed (Drums & Bass)(?)
Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Drums And Bass) 
Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Solo Vibraphone) [unused]
Great Northern Piano Tune #2 (Josie And Truman) (Extended/Full)
Great Northern Piano Tune #4
James & Evelyn 
Laura Palmer’s Theme (Piano & Strings Bridge) [unused]
Leo Attacks Bobby 
Love Theme (Dark)
Love Theme (Light)(?)
Llama Country
One-Eyed Jack's Parlor Music (Country Song) 
Packards’ Vibration (Original TV Version)
Percussion Hi-Hats 
The Red Room (Stand-Alone)
Sneaky Audrey (Reprise)
Shelly (Original)(?)
Solo Percussion 4 
Stair Music/Danger Theme (Full Version)
“Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made Of” (Bridge)
The Swan (Instrumental)
Twin Peaks (Solo Harp)
Wedding Song No 1
Wedding Song No 2
Wedding Song No 3
Bob's Dance/Back To Missoula


Who knows if all of these can be found or not. And also keep in mind that this is a list of only the remaining tracks used in the series. And there are bound to be some more unused/unheard goodies to come! 

I've also updated the Archive tracklisting, TP scene guide, and chronological order pages. So check them out. Looking forward to what the second year will bring. A heartfelt "thank you" to Dean and the TP Archive, and other fans.


  1. Amazing work as usual Ross! Interesting about the recent missing version of Sneaky Audrey as we know it's in private hands. Maybe Dean will find it.

    1. Thanks Jerry. Yeah, its a short track, but I hope Dean finds it.

  2. I've only recently discovered your site and have found it to be an excellent resource, both of information and of amazing artwork. Thank you for your hard work and dedication! Your site makes the Twin Peaks Archive even more special.

    1. Thanks so much Bruce!! That's exactly why I make the site, so its great to hear.

  3. excellent work, Ross! i too am hoping for some deep season two cuts :)

    1. Thanks Brad. Ever since they released the Miss Twin Peaks bundle, I keep thinking each week that the Civil War bundle will pop up. Hope its in the cue. And despite being part of an unpopular storyline, I really love "James & Evelyn".

  4. Ross, is 'Windom's Deck' on your list?

    1. Jerry- "Windom's Deck" (the scene in ep 25 where Earle shows Leo the card deck) is actually just "Leo Returns" completely re-edited.