March 9, 2012

New Archive release: Sneaky Audrey bundle


The other half of this week's release are the various versions of "Sneaky Audrey". The original version was released from the Archive a while back, and was also used as part of the "Bookhouse Boys" montage on the original soundtrack.

Sneaky Audrey (Alternate Version) (1:28)
Episode 19: James & Evelyn kiss in her car

Sneaky Audrey (Audrey’s Investigation) (1:53)
Episode 02: Ben meets “the new girl” at OEJs (mixed with Laura Palmer’s Theme)
Episode 05: Audrey watches Ben and Catherine through the peep-hole
Episode 08: 2nd half of the scene where Ben confronts “Prudence” at OEJs
Episode 13: Cooper brings Ben back the ransom money and tells of Audrey’s rescue (half-speed)
Episode 16: Part of the mix in the Roadhouse gathering of suspects scene
Episode 22: 2nd half of the scene where Audrey talks to Jerry about Ben being incapacitated
Episode 24: Donna sees her mom open the door for Ben Horne

Sneaky Audrey (Solo) (0:50)
Episode 17: Catherine tells Truman about how a guardian angel saved her life (plays over a segment of Laura Palmer’s Theme (Guardian Angel Version))
Episode 26: Donna looks at Ben as he walks away from the table at the Miss Twin Peaks sign-up (mixes into a brief portion of Laura Palmer’s Theme)

Unfortunately, the short "Reprise" version heard in episode 4 wasn't located in the Archives (according to the write-up included with the release). Also missing is the original clean version of "Audrey" from the second soundtrack, which was changed a bit for release by adding the "Solo" elements to it. Perhaps the "Reprise" version will be found?

Not included:
Sneaky Audrey (Reprise) (not located in archives)
Episode 04: At the Timber Falls Motel, Catherine finds the poker chip from OEJs

Audrey (Original Clean TV Version)
Episode 14: Cooper dictates in the conference room about Laura’s diary, Audrey arrives and tells what she found out about Ben


  1. Will you be doing covers for "Audrey's Dance/Dance of the Dream Man (Clarinet)" and "Audrey's Dance/Dance of the Dream Man (Saxophone)" too?

  2. Yes, of course. I still have to create them.