March 17, 2012

New Archive Release: One-Armed Man's Theme

This week's release is the "solo clarinet improv" that became associated with the One-Armed Man. It was mostly only heard mixed with other tracks on the show.

It can be heard here:
One-Armed Man's Theme (Solo Clarinet Improv) (4:57)
Episode 10: One-Armed Man in the bathroom (plays over a mix of Black Lodge Rumble, Unease Motif/The Woods, & Leo's Theme)
Episode 13: One-Armed Man in conference room turns into "Mike" (plays over White Lodge Rumble)
Episode 16: One-Armed Man in Great Northern bed talks to Cooper (plays over Unease Motif/The Woods)
Episode 25: Opening credits at the Bookhouse before Jones makes her move on Truman (before segueing into Stair Music/Danger Theme)
(the beginning of Episode 25 being the only showcase of it as a solo)

So far, this is the only version of this track released from the Archive. However, there are actually two other versions. There is one version that combines this clarinet solo and another solo (bass clarinet).
This "Combo" version was used as part of "Night Life In Twin Peaks" which is heard in this scene:
Episode 17: Hank & Ernie at OEJs, Hank introduces Ernie to Jean (mixed with additional elements)

And it was the combo version that leaked as a bootleg a few years back.

Now the interesting part: The other solo (bass clarinet), on its own, is actually the solo that became "Jean Renault's Theme", heard (mixed with other tracks) in these scenes:
Episode 10: Jean & Nancy give drugged Audrey caramel (plays over half-speed Sneaky Audrey)
Episode 12: Jean demos his arm-knife to Blackie, Jean talks to Nancy about Blackie (plays over slowed-down Laura Palmer’s Theme (Bass Guitar Punctuation))
Episode 17: Hank, Ernie & Jean at OEJ's, Mountie King enters (plays over the mix of Night Life In Twin Peaks)
Episode 20: Cooper & gang at the Dead Dog Farm stakeout, watch Jean and others through binoculars (plays over Laura Palmer’s Theme (Bass Guitar Punctuation))

So there should be three versions of this one:
One-Armed Man's Theme (Solo Clarinet Improv) (released)
One-Armed Man's Theme (Clarinet & Bass Clarinet Combo) (unreleased)
One-Armed Man's Theme (Solo Bass Clarinet) AKA "Jean Renault's Theme" (unreleased)

Anyway, great to have this one. And I'm really hoping we eventually get the other two versions, especially the Solo Bass "Jean Renault's Theme" version. Definitely still things to look forward to from the TP Archive!

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