June 30, 2012

New Archive Release: Odds & Ends vol. 3


We're down to the second to last release this week. And as we get near the end, we are starting to see that some tracks are unfortunately missing, or even incomplete.

First up we have a couple of percussion tracks. Missing from the original Solo Percussion bundle released last year was probably the most enjoyable of the percussion tracks; Solo Percussion 4.

Solo Percussion 4 (1:30)
Episode 02: Albert and his men first arrive at the sheriff station, is rude to Lucy (looped)
Episode 10: Cooper speculates about the connection of letters to the long-haired man (in front of the chalkboard)
Episode 19: Bobby enters Ben’s office to find stacked furniture & Ben sitting in the corner (mixes into Audrey’s Dance (Percussion & Clarinets))

Next up is the hi-hat cymbal track. Upon closer listen, I believe the scene in episode 17 actually has two hi-hat tracks. Solo Percussion (Arbitrary Cymbals) plays during the first 1:10 or so (the full track) and then another hi-hat track, followed by I believe a repeat of part of Solo Percussion (Arbitrary Cymbals) again. So add one more hi-hat track to the unreleased list.

Solo Percussion (Arbitrary Cymbals) (1:14)
Episode 07: Briefly when James gives Cooper one of Laura’s tapes at the station
Episode 17: Bobby waits outside of Ben’s office, talks to Audrey who gets him in to see Ben (mixed with Freshly Squeezed (Solo Clarinet))

One of my favorite little tracks from the series is the warm guitar theme for John Justice Wheeler. I wasn't aware until a fan with good ears brought it up on the Dugpa forum, that there were actually two versions used on the show. The original version released earlier:

Wheeler’s Theme (1:52)
Episode 23: John Justice Wheeler in introduced, Audrey is working as a concierge
Episode 25: Ben’s office, Audrey leaves for Seattle, JJW enters
Episode 27: JJW looks for Audrey, asks Randy if she’s returned (mixed with White Lodge Rumble)
Episode 27: JJW gives Ben letter for Audrey as he leaves
Episode 27: JJW leaves with suitcases
Episode 27: Audrey watches Jack’s plane fly away, Pete offers to take her fishing

And the just released Alternate version. Fantastic to have both versions:

Wheeler’s Theme (Alternate) (1:23)
Episode 23: After Ben excuses himself, Audrey & JJW talk, “I’m only 18”
Episode 28: Audrey talks to Ben about missing Jack

Next up is the final, used version of Freshly Squeezed. We learn now why its been MIA up until now- only a partial version was found in the Archives. The track is a "clean" version of Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Version 2)Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Clarinet), meaning its the track without the solo clarinet or vibraphone. Anyway- the "partial" clean version is unfortunately missing the first 2:13 of the track. The good news is that with the addition of the intro from the "Original" or "Clarinet" version of "FS (FCJ2)", one can re-create the edited down version that is actually heard in the Lana/Jacoby scene.

Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Clean) *partial (1:31)
Episode 21: Conference room; Jacoby defends Lana to Cooper & company, tells of her heightened sexual drive & skills (re-edited)

Finally, another track missing from the Archives is represented here. The Slow Speed Orchestra track heard in FWWM when Laura tells Bobby that he killed Mike was not found in the Archives. Dean has graciously pulled the mix from the music stem for fans. In the film it is mixed with the series track "Night Bells", so that is how it is represented here.

You Killed Mike/Night Bells (Film Mix) (1:57)

There were actually two repeat tracks included in this bundle. Those who downloaded the bundle early got "Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Version 2 Clarinet)"- but this was mistakenly a repeat of the earlier released track "Dance Of The Dream Man (Soprano Clarinet)" (as I said at the time of that release, the "Freshly Squeezed" name makes more sense, and I provided covers for both track names.) It was removed when Dean realized it was a duplicate.

From Dean via the Dugpa forum:
Accidentally included in last night's bundle was 'Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Version 2 Clarinet)' when it had already been released in identical form as 'Dance of the Dream Man (Soprano Clarinet).' This has been corrected in the description and the contents for future downloads so it will not be confusing.

Finally there was/is a track identified as "Love Theme (Light)". But the released track actually is just an edit of the earlier released "Love Theme (Dark)". On the Dugpa forums there is a track we were calling "Love Theme (Light)", and can be heard in episode 10. That version remains unreleased:

Love Theme (Light) (unreleased)
Episode 08: Andy cries after Cooper & Albert lay out all the evidence in the case thus far
Episode 10: Donna meets with Harold, he tells her Laura wanted him to contact her if anything ever happened, he gives her a hybrid flower to put on Laura’s grave

The version heard in ep 10 where Harold gives Donna the orchid for Laura's grave may be shorter than in the scene- the beginning section might be looped(?)

Anyway, there remains only one release left. Will we get any of the few unreleased used tracks, are are the remaining tracks missing? Will we get any of the sound effects tracks (Giant's Theme, Dark/Nerve/Drone tones)? Or will it be unused tracks? There were unused RR tracks, unused percussion tracks, and more, on the bootlegs. 

Whatever we get, it will be icing on the cake, and the capper of the most amazing soundtrack release(s) ever.

Look for it in a couple of weeks:

From Dean via the Dugpa forum:
Next week there will not be a release as the final release will take some time to prepare. There will undoubtedly be tracks missing that some people are anticipating. Rest assured, however, even though the TP Archive will be 'over'...if and when the lost tracks are found down the road for some reason, they WILL be made available and freely distributed. Stay tuned to the forum for the latest updates.


  1. Listening the remains of the tracks we all wish to have in full version, it really struck me: it's almost end :-( I can't imagine that we won't be waiting for new Twin Peaks Music anymore. I feel sadness...

    1. It will indeed be sad. But of course now we'll always have all of these amazing tracks! And that's something I never believed would happen.

  2. I'm soooooo sorry it comes to an end

  3. Will you not be doing a cover for "Love Theme (Light)"?

    1. No- like I said, its merely a repeat track. Its just an edit of "Love Theme (Dark)". I'd say for people who want to keep the edit, to use the "Dark" cover, as its the same track.

  4. hey ross, has it been confirmed that the last bundle will be released tomorrow (7/12)? thanks!

    1. At the time of the last release, Dean said there wouldn't be a release last week. I'm not sure if that's confirmation that the last release will be tonight, but I'm hoping it will be.

  5. I love Solo Percussion 4... I love the scene it was used in for Episode 4. The song's style and fast-pace match Albert well. Albert is such a hardass, but that's why I love his character and his wisecracks.

  6. Three hits from Solo Percussion (Arbitrary Cymbals) are briefly heard right when Audrey appears in Episode 1 while Cooper is ordering breakfast (I belief the brief clip starts at :14), then Freshly Squeezed is played shortly after.

  7. Wait... make that 4 hits, and the clip starts at :20 on the track.

    1. Thanks Andrew. I found another instance of it in episode 20 as well. I'll have to update my lists.

  8. Hi Ross,


    Did you not make an image for Love Theme (Light)?
    I think it's the only song I have that doesn't have one of your beautiful images! :)