June 1, 2012

New Archive Release: Odds & Ends vol. 1


We're getting closer to the end of the road with this bundle, a collection of some sought-after and missing cues. First up, we finally get the two missing country tracks. The Lydecker Clinic track, and the One-Eyed Jack's tune, which also showed up in the RR and at Wallie's.

Llama Country (2:41)
Episode 04: Cooper, Truman & Andy in the vet waiting room

One-Eyed Jack’s Country (2:37)
Episode 06: Cooper & Ed at OEJs (as Barney & Fred) meet Blackie
Episode 06: Audrey enters Blackie’s office (music comes from outside her office)
Episode 07: Audrey enters Blackie’s office in OEJs outfit (music comes from outside her office)
Episode 12: Cooper & Truman enter OEJs to rescue Audrey
Episode 21: Wallies; first half of the Donna and Evelyn scene
Episode 26: RR; Cole eats pie with Shelly, Cooper and Annie join them

Next up is the fun track "Dick Tremayne's Swing". Anyone who downloaded this release early on thursday will have also received an extended version labeled "Screen Edit". It was actually not the screen version, but a recreation of a fan-made mix, and was soon taken down.

Dick Tremeyne’s Swing (1:47)
Episode 10: Dick enters the sheriff’s station to meet Lucy

Up next is the third Earle flute track. And upon closer listen, I believe there remains another, similar but slightly different, version of this used in episode 26. The version heard at the end of Earle's story of the Lodges, for instance, is different (and not just re-edited).

Audrey’s Walk (Earle’s Flute) (0:34)
Episode 24: Earle's cabin, Leo gives Earle his slippers (mixed with Windom Earle's Motif)
Episode 24: As scene above concludes, Earle plays the flute, fade to Audrey walking the runway in slow-motion at the Stop Ghostwood fashion show rehearsal
Episode 26: In Owl Cave Cooper and company look at the petroglyph, Earle begins his story about the lodges (half-speed)
Episode 26: After Earle tells Rusty and Leo his story about the lodges, he plays the flute, scene transitions to Pete reciting his improvised poem about Josie (plays over 24 Hours)
Episode 26: Images of the woods, Earle's cabin, Earle opens a beer for Leo to give to Rusty (half-speed)
Episode 26: Brief slow-mo shot of the Owl Cave petroglyph lit by flashlight beams from earlier in the episode, dissolves into Earle's face (mixed with sound effect)
Episode 26: Earle watches Cooper & Annie through binoculars at the gazebo/lake (mixed with Windom Earle's Motif)

Next up is a track I'm really excited to get. Back when the "One-Armed Man Theme" was released, I commented that it's sister track, the "Jean Renault Theme" was still missing. When the bootleg version was leaked years ago, the two tracks were mixed together (and can be heard that way in "Night Life In Twin Peaks" from the original soundtrack). Anyway, we hear it on its own here for the first time as it was never heard alone in the series. It was used pretty creatively in the series mixed with other tracks.

Jean Renault’s Theme (Solo Bass Clarinet) (4:37)
Episode 10: Jean & Nancy give drugged Audrey caramel (plays over half-speed Sneaky Audrey)
Episode 12: Jean demos his arm-knife to Blackie, Jean talks to Nancy about Blackie (plays over half-speed Laura Palmer’s Theme (Bass Guitar Punctuation))
Episode 17: Hank, Ernie & Jean at OEJ's, Mountie King enters (plays over the mix of Night Life In Twin Peaks)
Episode 20: Cooper & gang at the Dead Dog Farm stakeout, watch Jean and others through binoculars (plays over Laura Palmer’s Theme (Bass Guitar Punctuation))

Next up we get two short tracks from episode 7.

Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made Of (0:17)
Episode 7: Short sting that plays as Ben enters Audrey’s room at OEJs
Episode 8: Ben opens the curtains on "Prudence" (softly over Audrey (Audrey’s Investigation Version))

Leo Attacks Bobby (0:40)
Episode 7: Short suspense track that plays when Leo swings an ax at Bobby & Leo is shot through the window

Note that the sound that begins "Leo Attacks Bobby" is actually "The Giant Appears".

Last, but certainly not least, is the extended version of FWWM's "The Pink Room". People with keen ears will have noticed that there were some differences in the film version and the original soundtrack version. So here we finally get the film version.

The Pink Room (Extended Version) (6:44)

Another fantastic release. Can't wait to see (hear) what's next/left in the Archive.


  1. hi i have a request as i could send an email.i really enjoy your covers. could you do a cover for the hidden track on season 2 and mor? thx!

    1. Anon:
      Can you let me know where I can locate the hidden track? I haven't seen it online and my CD is boxed up somewhere (not that I'd know how to rip this type of track to begin with). Thanks!

  2. Ross

    As always an excellent package - now was there a half speed version of Audrey’s Walk (Earle’s Flute)released bootleg wise

    1. No- the boots didn't have any of the Earle flute tracks. I think the half speed version used may actually be the alternate (unreleased) version of the track. Not 100% sure though.

  3. Hello Ross!

    Fantastic Work! :-)

    But one question:
    It's true, 2 Tracks are removed from the DL Site (Evelyn's Mourning (Mix)/ Dick Tremayne's Swing (Screen Edit)).

    That is really confusing & annoying. What about the "Official" List?! Are they now 187 or 185 Tracks?! The Wikipedia-Site listet still 187 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_of_Twin_Peaks)!

    What is "official" right now?! :-/

    1. I'd say there are 185 "official" tracks, with 2 (briefly available) "bonus" tracks.

  4. So why did they remove these two "bonus" tracks and could anyone tell me what the differences are? I'm really annoyed that i wasn't fast enough to buy these bundles before the tracks were removed ;)

  5. Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made Of (0:17)
    Episode 8: Ben opens the curtains on "Prudence" (softly over Audrey (Audrey’s Investigation Version))

    I can't hear it there ;-) Where is it, Ross?

    1. Hey Jakub- its soft, but its there. Its just the first 6 seconds, split into two parts. The chimes when Ben pulls the curtains of the bed open, and then a passage of "Audrey's Investigation", and then the next few seconds of "Such Stuff..."

  6. Can someone give me the runtime of 'Evelyn's Morning' (mix)? Why was it deleted? I want to make sure I have it. Looks like I downloaded 3 versions from dl.com

    1. Jerry, its 1:47. They removed it after they gave out the original two versions.

    2. And the 'Mix" wasn't the mix used in the series...

  7. Amazing work as usual. *LOVE* Audrey's hearts and "Smoking Dick Tremayne." :D - Jallen.

    1. Thanks much Jallen! Always nice to hear.

  8. Whoops, Audrey's Diamonds. ;) - Jallen

  9. You should probably edit list of scenes for 'Audrey's Walk' (ep. 26)... ;)