June 3, 2012

What's Left? What do people want?

With this week's release, we are getting closer to the end. Dean's write-up mentions a "few final release bundles". Possibly two or three more? Most probably another "Odds and Ends" bundle and then a couple "Unused" bundles. It will be sad when its over, but the Archive releases have been one of the coolest things to ever happen. I hope people will use my site for the art, and info, in the future.

So what are folks hoping for in these last releases? Unfortunately, Dean has already confirmed a few tracks are missing: "Leland's Dance" (episode 15), "The Swan (Instrumental)" (Pilot), and "Earle's Theme (Strings)" (unused in the series, but it popped up in a "Previously On" segment, which can briefly be heard here from about 16:00 to 16:20. I'm especially sad about this last one, as it sounds like such a cool version. "Sneaky Audrey (Reprise)" (episode 4) (and possibly others?) may be lost as well.

Going over what else is left, I'm hoping for:


Audrey (Original)
-From episode 14. The version on the second soundtrack has a portion of "Audrey's Investigation" mixed over it. The unmixed original version heard in the Cooper/Audrey scene remains unreleased.

Audrey's Walk (Version 2)
-Episode 26 features an alternate version.

Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Clean)
-Episode 21- Jacoby tells of Lana's heightened sexuality.

Dance Of The Dream Man (Original)
-The soundtrack version has part of "Audrey's Dance" at the end. The unaltered original can be heard on the Cooper/Diane tapes. Certainly one of the most famous/important themes in the series, and the original is only on the tape.

Great Northern Piano Tune #2 (Josie And Truman) (Extended/Full)
-Episode 23.

Solo Percussion 4
-Full version can be heard in episode 2, when Albert arrives.

Stair Music/Danger Theme (Full Version)

Half Heart (Solo)


  1. Agent Sam StanleyJune 3, 2012 at 4:29 PM

    I'm happy with whatever Dean has left for us, but if this is the place to write what you want, let's not forget "Theme from Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me" as heard in the movie (sax intro and then soundtrack version) and "You Killed Mike".

    And I double back you up on "Half Heart" (solo) and "Great Northern Piano Tune #2 (Josie and Truman) (Extended)", such beautiful tracks :)

    1. Yes- I had completely forgotten about "Half Heart (Solo)". I wonder if there's a full version.

  2. I want everything! Mostly though, I would say the alternate version of 'Shelly Quits' and the full version of 'Stair Music/Danger Theme'.

  3. I may be hearing things, or maybe this is the reprise,but isnt SNEAKY AUDREY that plays very slowly in teh scenes where cooper returns the money in a briefcase to Ben wholy different to whats released? Thats the tracks(s) I want.

    1. That version is "Sneaky Audrey (Audrey's Investigation)" played at half-speed (and re-edited a bit).

  4. Hey Ross,

    A shame about "Leland's Dance," which I forgot about until it was mentioned as a no-show.

    As you know I'm a FWWM completest, so any unused music or alt. versions would be a dream. Specifically, "You Killed Mike" and "Half Heart (Solo)," and if there is an alt. "The Voice of Love" and "Moving Through Time" - that would be thrilling.

    "Audrey (Original)"
    "Solo Percussion 4"
    "Stair Music/Danger Theme (Full Version)"

    The sound effects from Cooper's dream (Episode 2) would be a pleasant surprise, even though it was stated there wouldn't be any. Also, the record player skipping from episode 14. The dl.com released experimental track, "Victrola Manifestation" invokes a similar mood.

    - Jallen

    1. My series picks:
      Solo Percussion #4
      Stair Music/Danger Theme (Full Version)
      Shelly original (or alt?? not sure what that is)

      What is Percussion Hi-Hats? Would that be a really short track?

    2. Mike, Percussion Hi-Hats is a percussion solo played only on the hi-hat cymbals. There were two hi-hat solos on the boots, but only one was used in the series. It can be heard here:

      Episode 07: Briefly when James gives Cooper one of Laura’s tapes at the station
      Episode 17: Bobby waits outside of Ben’s office, talks to Audrey who gets him in to see Ben (mixed with Freshly Squeezed (Solo Clarinet))

    3. Gotcha, thanks. I'd like that too then. ;)

  5. Also I want that badly: Dance Of The Dream Man (Original Sax Solo) - without reverb. It's the only solo that was not released.

  6. And Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Solo) that was on the bootleg.

  7. So does the lack of a release last night mean we'll be waiting at least another week until the next one? Do released ever happen anytime other than Thursday evening?

    1. Hey Mike, unfortunately it looks like we have to wait until at least next thursday.

  8. I would so much like to get various sound effects like the one that can be heard in Giant scenes/scenes of BOB killing Maddy or those of Leland watching Bobby Briggs and Maddy dressed like Laura..