June 16, 2012

New Archive Release: Odds & Ends vol. 2



We move closer to the end of the TP Archive with this week's release. But thankfully we're not done yet. This week we get seven more tracks in the Odds & Ends vol. 2 bundle, including a few that I was hoping for in my last post.

Log Lady Presence (1:04)
The Voice Of Love (Slow) (4:03)
Half Heart (Solo) (5:29)
We start off with three tracks from FWWM. After the extended "Pink Room" last release and the three tracks included here, FWWM fans have a lot to be excited about. Not only do we get the briefly heard slow version of "The Voice Of Love" and the solo version of "Half Heart", we even get the "sound design" track, "Log Lady Presence". Unless there are any unused alternate versions in the vaults, the only remaining unreleased piece of music in the film is the slow speed track "You Killed Mike".

Moving on to the series tracks, we finally get the original unaltered version of "Dance Of The Dream Man". The version on the original soundtrack had a portion of the fast version of "Audrey's Dance" at the end of the track. The original version had only been released previously on "Diane - The Twin Peaks Tapes of Agent Cooper". It makes its digital debut here.

Dance Of The Dream Man (Original) (3:38)
Pilot: Cooper rides into Twin Peaks
Episode 02: The Dwarf dances in Cooper’s dream
Episode 02: Cooper calls Truman about his dream
Episode 02: The Dwarf dances (end credits)
Episode 23: The Dwarf dances on the bed after Josie’s death

Next up is another original version that was altered for its soundtrack release. "Audrey", heard only once in the series, was released on the second soundtrack, but a portion of "Audrey's Investigation" was mixed over it. I personally like the soundtrack mix more, but its great to have the original unmixed version the way it was heard in the series.

Audrey (Clean) (2:23)
Episode 14: Cooper dictates in the conference room about Laura’s diary, Audrey arrives and tells what she found out about Ben

Last release I mentioned that "Jean Renault's Theme" was used in very interesting ways in the series. Here we actually get one of the mixes created for the series (ripped from the episode's music stem). Oddly, the released mix is only the second half of the track heard in episode 17, but its still very cool to have it, and its one of the cooler mixes created for the series.

One-Armed Man's Theme & Jean Renault's Theme (TV Mix Edit) (2:08)
Episode 17: Hank introduces Ernie to Jean at OEJs

The full TV mix is as follows:
   a) Freshly Squeezed (Solo Bass Clarinet) - 0:00-2:29 [half of the track used]
   b) Night Life In Twin Peaks - 0:40-4:07 [full track]
   c) Jean Renault's Theme (Solo Bass Clarinet) - 2:36-4:36 [re-edited]
   d) Dark/Nerve Sound - about 2:45-4:36
   e) Night Life In Twin Peaks - 4:05-4:26 [0:36-0:52 of the original track]

Released version starts right after a) ends (around 2:29), in the middle of "Night Life".

Of course "Night Life In Twin Peaks" is actually a special mix itself created for the original soundtrack consisting of:
   a) Unease Motif/The Woods (NOT reversed)
   b) Solo Percussion
   c) One-Armed Man’s Theme (Clarinet Improv)
   d) Jean Renault's Theme (Solo Bass Clarinet)
   e) Freshly Squeezed (Solo Flute)
As you can see, as the series progressed they became more and more complex and innovative in their mixing and combining of tracks.

Last up is the full version of GN Piano Tune 2. The truncated version heard in episode 13 was released a year ago, but the full version heard in episode 23 has finally been released. I love this one.

Great Northern Piano Tune 2 (Josie And Truman) (Full) (2:14)
Episode 13: Pete talks to Tojamura, Pete asks if he (she) likes musicals
Episode 14: Catherine reveals herself as Tojamura to Pete (slowed down)
Episode 23: Ben & Audrey eat with JJW (before his theme kicks in) (Full version)

Another great bundle. Hopefully we will get one final "Odds & Ends" bundle, followed by possibly some unused tracks. We know "The Swan (Instrumental)" & "Leland's Dance" are missing, but a vol.3 could still consist of:

Audrey's Walk (Version 2) [Episode 26]
Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Clean) [Episode 21]
Love Theme (Light) [Episode 10]
Percussion Hi-Hats
Sneaky Audrey (Reprise) [missing?]
Solo Percussion 4 [Full version can be heard in episode 2, when Albert arrives]
Stair Music/Danger Theme (Full Version)
You Killed Mike [missing?]

Whatever we get of what's left will be icing on the cake.