August 29, 2011

New Archive release: Percussion bundle


This week's release is a bundle of 3 solo percussion tracks and a percussion-based version of "Audrey's Dance".

Solo Percussion 1 (3:40)
Solo Percussion 2 (Grady's Waltz) (1:44)
Solo Percussion 3 (2:33)
Audrey's Dance (Percussion & Clarinets) (5:20)

These percussion tracks, and tracks like them, are pretty important to the landscape of Twin Peaks. They were used many times throughout the series, both by themselves and in mixes. Often used by themselves as the backdrop to the goings on of the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Station, and of the humorous exploits of Andy in particular.

Solo Percussion 2 was only heard a few times in the series- but people will recognize it as the percussion track used in the montage track "The Bookhouse Boys" on the original soundtrack. Solo Percussion 1 was probably used the most in the series, both by itself (Audrey's walk from the Great Northern to the car in the pilot) and mixed with other tracks (Leland's wake). It was also used in the mix of "Love Theme Intro" on the 2nd soundtrack.

We round out this release with the Percussion & Clarinet version of "Audrey's Dance" which was used in the following scenes:
Pilot: Cooper & Truman in the sheriff's jeep
Episode 3: Ed and Nadine prepare for Laura's funeral
Episode 8: Lucy, Truman & Doc Hayward tell Cooper about what happened the night he was shot
Episode 12: Mr. Pinkle demonstrates Leo's lifting crane

Episode 17: Bobby tries on Leo's suit (mixed with "Freshly Squeezed (Fast Bass)")
Episode 19: Ben tells Bobby some strange things and gives him his first assignment
Episode 19: Bobby returns with pictures for Ben
Episode 24: Mr. Pinkle and Dick at the fashion show


  1. And one percussion solo track is still missed!

  2. "Solo Percussion 2 (I believe) was only heard once in the series". In fact - twice ;-)

    Great covers (as usual).

    @DEniZrus: Actually, two solos are missing.