August 20, 2011

New Archive release: Dance Of The Dream Man (Solo Sax)

"Diane, 11:30 AM, February 24th. Entering the town of Twin Peaks."
-Cooper (Pilot episode)

Along with the "Twin Peaks Theme" and "Laura Palmer's Theme", "Dance Of The Dream Man" is probably the most recognized "signature" theme from the series. If any track could be called "Cooper's Theme", its DOTDM, as more than any other, it's the track most associated with him. His first scene in the series (his drive into TP) is accompanied by the original version, and he's re-introduced in FWWM with the "Solo Sax" version.

The "Original Version" was of course featured on the original soundtrack, and actually only pops up a couple of times in the series. But its linkage to Cooper and its use in the famous dream sequence in episode 2 elevated it to iconic status. In addition, most of ABC's ads/commercials for the series during its initial run used "Dance Of The Dream Man", so it became just as recognized as "Twin Peaks" as the TP Theme and LP's Theme.

Most of its appearances throughout the series are actually the "Solo Sax" version that was released this week over at A portion of which was also showcased on the original soundtrack at the beginning of the montage track "The Bookhouse Boys". It is also briefly used in the montage track "Love Theme Intro" on the second soundtrack. This "Solo Sax" version is heard many times throughout the series, mostly in connection with Cooper or the Red Room.

Here we get the full Solo version for the first time. There remain a few unreleased versions of DOTDM- Solo Flute and Solo Clarinet versions are both very briefly heard one time each. And anyone who has heard the leaked bootleg tracks knows that there are at least a couple of unheard/unused versions as well.

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