August 13, 2011

New Archive release: Diary bundle post #1: Harold's Theme


This week's "Diary" bundle consists of five tracks:
Harold's Theme (The Living Novel) (3:27)
Harold's Theme (Josie's Past) (4:46)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Ghost Version) (1:49)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Ethereal Pad Version) (1:10)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Letter From Harold) (1:37)

I'm splitting my posts for this release into two parts. First up are the alternate versions of "Harold's Theme". These have been sitting atop my wish list for quite some time.

To me, Harold's Theme is one of the most beautiful tracks from the series. Heard very few times because of Harold's brief time in the series. The "Second Season" soundtrack only featured the short (1:43) version of the track (which can be heard in episode 19 when the Mayor weeps over his brother's dead body). Here we finally get the longer version of the track heard in episode 12 when Donna gives her first session with Harold as part of his "Living Novel".

After Harold's storyline, his theme only popped up twice in the series- the aforementioned "Mayor" scene, and an alternate, slowed-down version in episode 18 when Josie tells Truman of her past. This is the only time in the series when the slowed down version is heard, and we finally get this wonderful version in this bundle.

There are still a few small tidbits of "Harold's Theme" (on harpsichord?) that remain unreleased from the end of episode 12 and beginning of episode 13. But that might be all they are- just those short tidbits.

I couldn't be more happy to have these alternate versions. Check out my art, grab the bundle from, and I will return with art and a post about the remaining tracks in this week's release.

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