January 17, 2012

New Archive release: DOTDM Mix, LPT Mix & Leo Returns


This week's new release gives us three very welcome (yet oddly paired) tracks.

Even with all of the versions of "Dance Of The Dream Man/Freshly Squeezed" that have been released, there was still one that a lot of fans were asking for- the version heard at the start of episode 1. The naming of the track is a little odd. The solo of this track was released as: "Dance Of The Dream Man (Solo Clarinet 2)" whereas the original vibraphone version was released as "Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Version 2)". The more accurate name would be "Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Clarinet). There is still another version of this that remains unreleased- a "Clean" version (background without solos) that was heard in Episode 21 where Jacoby tells of Lana's heightened sexual drive.

Dance Of The Dream Man (Fast Soprano Clarinet) [or Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Clarinet)]
Episode 01: Cooper hangs upside down in his room at the Great Northern
Episode 16: Catherine reveals herself as Tajamura to a jailed Ben (re-edited)
Episode 21: Cooper & company re-enter conference room to find that the Mayor (lip-stick on face) & Lana have “reconciled”

Next up we have one of the most often used/heard tracks in the series, the "Baritone Guitar Punctuation" version of "Laura Palmer's Theme". Interestingly, I believe the original version of this track is just the simple repeating synth and guitar section- and did not include the piano sections. I think the Archive decided to mix this with the piano sections from the original version of LPT for this release to create a "fuller" track. In fact, there is a noticeable audio drop-out at around the 1:03 mark where the two were joined. (I was able to fix this using Adobe Audition). I don't think the piano section is ever heard in the series when this version was used. Anyway, check out my scene guide to see where the Baritone Guitar version was used, as they are too numerous to list here.

Finally we get the music heard in episode 21 when Leo re-awakens. The version heard in this scene is re-edited somewhat, but this is the original version.

Leo Returns
Episode 21: Leo, having awakened from his comatose state, attacks Shelly & Bobby, flees into the night (re-edited)
Episode 21: A very brief portion plays as we see the reflection of fire in Eckhadt's glasses (segues from Stair Music/Danger Theme)
Episode 24: Briefly as the pine weasel bites Dick at the fashion show
Episode 25: Earle shows his card deck to Leo, with Donna, Shelly, & Audrey as queens and Cooper as king (re-edited)

Here's to the continued releases from the Archive as we start 2012!


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