July 9, 2011

My updated Archive wish list

In the two months since I posted my last “Archive” wishlist, many tracks on my list have been released. It still seems amazing that these are seeing the light of day! Anyway, I thought I’d post an updated version. Of course, I hope they eventually release all bits of unreleased TP music that they have. But these are the ones I’m looking forward to the most:


- John Justice Wheeler’s Theme 
- Harold’s Theme (Alternate Version) (from episode 18 when Josie tells Truman about her past) 
- A longer version (than on the second soundtrack) of Harold’s Theme The soundtrack version runs a mere 1:43 min, but there are sections heard in the series not featured in the released version. (The abridged released version is featured in episode 19)
- Owl Cave
- Full original version of James & Evelyn (this was combined with the intro from “I’m Hurt Bad” on the second soundtrack, and actually featured an alternate version)
- Just You (Original Instrumental)
- The theme played for most of Josie’s scenes in her final episode (Josie & Andrew toast “To beginnings... and endings”) This is a variation or off-shoot of Laura’s Palmer’s Theme. And there are actually five different versions of this variation: 
     1. Josie (episode 23) & James gives Donna a ring (episode 16) 
Donna reads Laura’s last diary entry to Cooper (episode 16) 
Catherine tells Truman about her “Guardian Angel” (episode 17) 
Cooper talks of Caroline (episode 21)
     5. Pete enters the burning mill in search of Catherine (episode 7)
- The two unreleased RR tunes: RR Tune #1 & OEJ Music (RR Tune #4)
- Twin Peaks Theme (Solo Harp) (from episode 21 when Doc Hayward tells of Little Nicky’s past) A small portion of this track was used at the beginning of the released (but not the televised) version of the “Nostalgia Version”
- Hank’s Theme 
- Dark Mood Woods (Clear Version)


  1. I'm right there with you! I'd add 'Black Lodge Rumble', 'Lana's Theme', 'Dark Forces' etc...

  2. Yes, Jerry- other than "Dark Mood Woods" and "Night Life In Twin Peaks" not much of the darker music from the series has been released yet. Would be great to see "Owl Cave", "Black Lodge Rumble", "Dark Forces", "24 Hours", "Earle's Theme", "Danger Theme"... (Will be interesting to find out actual song titles too.)

  3. In addition to those already mentioned I would love to see the following released: "Leo's missing shirt" (ep. 1), "Briggs family dinner" (ep. 1), "Invitation To Love #1" (ep. 2), "Invitation To Love #2" (ep. 4), "Jacques' apartment" (ep. 4), "Secret Meeting In The Woods" (ep. 4), "Jacoby's Office #1" (ep. 7) "Jacoby's Office #2" (ep. 7), "Sawmill On Fire" (ep. 7), "Bobby's New Suit" (ep. 17), "Framing Cooper" (ep. 17), "Evelyn & Malcolm" (ep. 20) and "Evelyn Marsh Theme" (ep. 22).

  4. Some good choices. For some reason, I have a feeling we'll see Jacoby's Hawaiian tunes soon. In fact I've already made art for that release. It will be nice to have actual track titles for everything as well.

  5. Ah... It looks like my wish came true. The songs I called "Jacoby's Office #1" and "Jacoby's Office #2" are really "Hula Hoppin'" and "South Sea Dreams"! Really happy with these songs, and love the new alternate version of the LP theme from ep. 7 too :) Can't wait to see your artwork for these!

  6. I guess my "feeling" was right!!! WEIRD!

  7. Also on my wishlist are "Audrey's Dance (Fast Flute)", "Tremayne's Swing" (I can't wait to hear full version of this, let's hope there is longer version than used - once - in the series), "Audrey's Investigation".

  8. And my long awaited "24 Hours" ;-)

  9. Yes- "Audrey's Dance (Fast Flute) is a MUST. Its amazing. Of course, many people my not know about it. ;)