July 25, 2011

New Archive release: Owl Cave

This week's welcome release from the Twin Peaks Archive is the atmospheric and mysterious "Owl Cave". Definitely one that fans have been waiting for.

The track made its debut in the second season premiere (episode 8) in the scene with Jerry and Blackie (with some added elements). After that it became linked to the more mysterious and supernatural elements of the series. The Giant returning Cooper's ring (episode 16), Colonel Riley talking about Project Blue Book (episode 19), and many times during the final five episodes, mostly in connection to Owl Cave and the Petroglyph. Often heard mixed with other elements/tracks, we get the full-length clean version here.

One interesting thing is that the name of the track itself most probably came from fans, as they had dubbed this track as "Owl Cave" on the Dugpa forum and elsewhere.

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