July 29, 2011

New Archive release: Slow/Half Speed Orchestra bundle #1


Here's a great companion to last week's release of "Owl Cave". After last week, I was thinking it would be nice to get some more of the darker tracks from the series, and this week's fantastic release from davidlynch.com presents us with six of them!!

I have to say once again how amazing it is to be getting all of this music after so many years. I never dreamt we'd be seeing these released. Anyway, on to the release itself: All of this week's tracks were used in the series at a slowed-down speed, and are presented here at the speed they were heard in the series. This was actually done quite a lot in the series, including times where they used slowed-down versions of tracks that were normally heard at regular speed ("Night Bells", "Audrey's Prayer", "Laura Palmer's Theme", etc.)

The tracks in this bundle however, were only heard in their slowed down versions, giving them a bit more of an otherworldly feeling. First off is "24 Hours". Portions of this track are heard throughout the series. Many times mixed or layered with other elements. Here we get the full 8 min+ version. Most fans will remember it from the beginning and end of episode 16 where Cooper requests 24 hours to solve Laura's murder.

Next is "Unease Motif/The Woods". This track is actually the "clean" version of "Night Life In Twin Peaks" from the original soundtrack (without the additional elements heard there). The version on the original soundtrack used the track and then layered on additional elements to create a new mix. This new released version is just the original track- BUT it is actually reversed (so its a slowed-down and reversed track). Like "24 Hours", portions of this track were used throughout the series. And both the original version AND the reversed version were used.

"Black Lodge Rumble" had me a bit confused at first. I thought it was going to be the track heard in episode 8 when Cooper is laying shot (and many more places in the series) because fans had called that track "Black Lodge Rumble". But it actually turns out to be the track heard in episode 16 when Leland confesses. And also heard in the "Hobgoblins, Dale" scene where Cooper gets the envelope from Earle in episode 22. Hopefully we will get the other track in bundle #2.

"Stair Music/Danger Theme" is one of the more often used pieces of music in the series, showing up many, many times throughout and as early as the Pilot. The release version seems to be missing the end section, instead repeating the opening motif. Perhaps another version with this section will follow. They did actually use the normal speed version of "Danger Theme" in the series once- in episode 29 when Doc Hayward throws Ben into the fireplace wall. Only the slowed down version is included with the bundle. 

"Dark Forces" is a track used many times in the latter half of the series. It was often linked to Windom Earle, and after "Windom Earle's Motif" and "Earle's Flute" became sort of a third theme for him. And speaking of Earle, we finish off the bundle with "Windom Earle's Motif". This is the full version which includes the interlude that was heard in episode 19 when Andy imagines Little Nicky in Devil garb. I believe this portion was only heard in that scene, with the rest of the track being used in all other instances. A portion of "Windom Earle's Motif" can be heard in the "Dark Mood Woods/Red Room" montage track from the second soundtrack.

Like "Owl Cave", many of these track names originated with fans.

Amazing release- with the promise of more to come (bring on bundle #2)! Throw in "Dark Mood Woods" and "Owl Cave" and take a trip to the darker side of Twin Peaks. Check out my artwork for three of the tracks. The rest will be forthcoming.


  1. Do you know where "Unease Motif/The Woods" was used in the series, and when it appeared the first time? Also, will you be making cover art for the other 3 songs in this bundle?

  2. Mike's speech in Cooper's dream. It was 1st appearing

  3. "interlude that was heard in episode 19 when Andy imagines Little Nicky in Devil garb" is also (sort of) used at the end of episode 21, when Leo meets Windom.