July 15, 2011

New Archive release: Dr. Jacoby bundle


I'm feeling a bit psychic right now because I had spent time earlier this week creating artwork for both of this week's Archive releases- just by pure coincidence! Very weird. "Fellas, coincidence and fate figure largely in our lives."

And the release is: Three Dr. Jacoby-related tracks, all heard at the beginning of episode 7 when Donna and James break into Jacoby's office. First up are the two short hawaiian tracks "South Sea Dreams" & "Hula Hoppin'". "South Sea Dreams" can be heard again (extended by looping it) in episode 10, when Cooper & Truman visit Jacoby's hospital room. (This scene is also notable for the one and only appearance of Jacoby's Hawaiian wife, Eolani.)

Next is the "Piano & Rhodes" version of Laura Palmer's Theme/Love Theme. It's a fantastic version that is actually only heard for about twenty seconds in the entire series. I'm very surprised that it wasn't used more. It's great to have a full version of it. There are a few audio imperfections in the track, but one can't complain.

Anyway, I had fun creating the art this week. Hope you like them. Keep the Archive releases coming!


  1. Thanks Jerry! I had fun with these. The Hawaiian cover certainly turned out to be one of my favorites so far.

  2. Thanks! Love your work!!

  3. Will you be making a cover design for Owl Cave?

  4. Thanks emzet! And yes, I my post for "Owl Cave" will be up in a day or so. Busy week.