August 11, 2012

Downloadable Cover bundles

For anyone who hasn't downloaded all of my covers along the way, I've bundled them up for convenient downloads. Just let me know if any of the links go bad eventually.

Download them here:

TP Archive part 2

TP Archive part 3


  1. Ross

    Thank you as always


  2. Good stuff... thanks Ross!

  3. Thank you very much for these beautiful Covers altogether! Perfect work! All the Best for your future & keep this site running! :-)


  4. I've noticed the new Grieg cover - very appreciated! Now only hidden track from TP2 is missing a cover, but then I use for it your 00 cover for the whole soundtrack. Thank you for sharing with us the fruits of your talent and love for TP and I hope future TP fans (they're still comming) - will have this site to admire and learn.

  5. Thanks guys!! I just made a new post for the Grieg cover. I'd forgotten to post it here. And I actually do have some more stuff coming up on this site. So keep your eyes peeled.

  6. All Links are dead! Please Re-Upload Ross!

    Thank You!