July 20, 2012

FWWM complete soundtrack

My cover design for the complete FWWM soundtrack.

Full track list after the jump:

Fire Walk With Me [FWWM Soundtrack]
Deer Meadow Shuffle (Film Version) [Twin Peaks Archive]
Mysterioso #1 [Twin Peaks Archive]
Teresa's Autopsy [Twin Peaks Archive]
Don't Do Anything (I Wouldn't Do) [FWWM Soundtrack]
Mysterioso #2 (Film Version) [Twin Peaks Archive]
Mysterioso #1 (Film Version) [Twin Peaks Archive]
Dance Of The Dream Man (Solo Sax) (series track) [Twin Peaks Archive]
Phillip Jeffries [Twin Peaks Archive]
Back To Fat Trout (Unease Motif/The Woods) [Twin Peaks Archive]
Twin Peaks Theme (series track) [Original Soundtrack]
The Bookhouse Boys (series track) [Twin Peaks Archive]
Half Heart [Season Two And More]
A Real Indication [FWWM Soundtrack]
Girl Talk [Twin Peaks Archive]
Laura Visits Harold [Twin Peaks Archive]
RR Swing [Twin Peaks Archive]
The Black Dog Runs At Night [FWWM Soundtrack]
Behind The Mask [Twin Peaks Archive]
Best Friends [FWWM Soundtrack]
Wash Your Hands [Twin Peaks Archive]
Distant Train [Twin Peaks Archive]
Laura Palmer's Theme (Piano A) TK3 (series track) [Twin Peaks Archive]
The Voice Of Love (Slow) [Twin Peaks Archive]
Laura's Dark Boogie [Season Two And More]
The Pine Float [FWWM Soundtrack]
Log Lady Presence [Twin Peaks Archive]
Questions In A World Of Blue [FWWM Soundtrack]
The Pink Room [FWWM Soundtrack]
Blue Frank [Season Two And More]
Dark Mood Woods (series track) [Twin Peaks Archive]
It's Your Father [Twin Peaks Archive]
Laura's Dark Boogie (Clean) [Twin Peaks Archive]
Nightsea Wind [Twin Peaks Archive]
Laura Palmer's Theme (series track) [Original Soundtrack]
Drug Deal Blues (series track) [Season Two And More]
You Killed Mike/Night Bells (Film Mix) (original unreleased)
Night Bells (Original) (series track) [Twin Peaks Archive]
James Visits Laura [Twin Peaks Archive]
Birds In Hell [Twin Peaks Archive]
Moving Through Time [FWWM Soundtrack]
Half Heart (Solo) [Twin Peaks Archive]
Jacques' Cabin/The Train Car [Twin Peaks Archive]
Requiem In C Minor - Luigi Cherubini [Non-Original]
Circumference Of A Circle (from 7:10-7:53) [Twin Peaks Archive]
Sycamore Trees (Instrumental) [Twin Peaks Archive]
Voice Of Love [FWWM Soundtrack]

Bonus Tracks/Unused:
Fire Walk With Me (Saxaphone) [Twin Peaks Archive]
Deer Meadow Shuffle (Original unused?) [Twin Peaks Archive]
Mysterioso #2 (Original unused?) [Twin Peaks Archive]
Montage From Twin Peaks: Girl Talk/Birds In Hell/Laura Palmer's Theme/Falling [FWWM Soundtrack]
Sycamore Trees (Original Vocal Version) [FWWM Soundtrack]
She Would Die For Love - Julee Cruise [The Voice Of Love]
The Voice Of Love (Vocal Version) - Julee Cruise [The Voice Of Love]
Half Heart (Take 4) [On The Air] [Twin Peaks Archive]
Half Heart (Slow Jazz Version) [On The Air] [Twin Peaks Archive]
Half Heart (Clarinet & Strings) [On The Air] [Twin Peaks Archive]
Questions In A World Of Blue (Demo) [Twin Peaks Archive]


  1. Cool! Thanks Ross for all the work. Nice to have a new way to organize my tracks!

  2. Any idea where I can get hold of the above tracks? Great cover BTW!