August 14, 2012

The Bootleg tracks


Readers of this blog may have noticed a reference here and there to Twin Peaks bootleg tracks- especially if you've clicked on the unreleased tab lately. I haven't gone into detail about the bootleg tracks on here because I was hoping all of the tracks would be officially released through the TP Archives. Now that the releases are over however, and there remain several tracks from the bootleg that didn't get a release, I thought I'd post about them here.

I won't go into detail about how and who originally leaked the tracks, but the short story is that many years ago (well before the Season Two soundtrack), Badalamenti himself threw a bunch of tracks together and gave them to someone for personal use, and of course the collection was later leaked. No names were given to any of the tracks, and the sound quality varied from good to quite bad. With hiss, distortion, and clipping on many tracks.

The collection itself was kind of an odd mix of tracks, coming almost exclusively from the first season recording sessions. For example, none of the big second season tracks that were later released on the Season Two soundtrack were on it. And in addition to recognizable tracks such as "Sneaky Audrey", "Hank's Theme", and various versions of "Freshly Squeezed", there were many shorter never-before-heard unused tracks, all of the source cues (RR, Jacoby, OEJ, Lydecker), and even a bunch of sound effect cues.

The majority of the tracks were later released (with much improved sound quality) from the TP Archive. But a bunch were not. Many of the unused tracks, including four unused RR tracks were not released. So the bootleg remains the only source for those tracks. Hopefully more will eventually see official release from the Archives(?)

With no track names and many unused tracks, figuring out and assigning names to all the tracks was a real chore, especially before the TP Archive releases happened, when we didn't even know names like "Sneaky Audrey". Qbin (from the Dugpa board) and I came up with all of the (unofficial) names, and I finally just made up names for the unused RR tracks, since we may never know their official track titles.

So here's a list of what was on the boots, what was eventually released, and what wasn't. Check out my gallery of covers for all of the unreleased tracks here as well.

Bootleg tracks later officially released from the TP Archive:
Audrey's Dance (Dance Of The Dream Man Flute)
Audrey's Dance (Synth & Vibraphone)
Big Band
Bookhouse Boys (Solo Guitar)
Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Clarinet)
Dance Of The Dream Man (Solo Bass)
Dance Of The Dream Man (Solo Clarinet)
Dark Intro 2
Evelyn's Mourning
Evelyn's Mourning (Extended)
Freshly Squeezed (Bass Clarinet)
Freshly Squeezed (Complete)
Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Version)
Freshly Squeezed (Flute)
Freshly Squeezed (Mid-Tempo Version)
Freshly Squeezed (Solo Vibraphone)
Freshly Squeezed (Clarinet)
Hank's Theme
Hank's Theme (Version 2)
Horne's Theme
Hula Hoppin'
Invitation to Love (Lover's Dilemma)
Invitation To Love Theme (Bumper)
Invitation To Love Theme
James And Evelyn
Laura Palmer's Theme (Caroline Version)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Clarinet Bridge)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Clarinet & Strings Bridge)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Ethereal Pad Version)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Letter From Harold)
Love Theme (Laura Palmer's Theme) (Piano & Rhodes)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Piano Bridge)
Leo Attacks Bobby
Llama Country
The Mill Deal
The Mill Fire
Northwest Gulch
One-Eyed Jack's Country
One-Eyed Jack's Parlor Music (Piano) (short)
Picking On Country
Secret Country
Sneaky Audrey
Sneaky Audrey (Audrey's Investigation)
Solo Percussion (Arbitrary Cymbals)
Solo Percussion 1 [edit]
Solo Percussion 3
South Sea Dreams
Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made Of
Twin Peaks (Falling) (Alternate Version)
Twin Peaks (Solo Harp)
Twin Peaks (Solo Rhodes)
Western Ballad

Unreleased bootleg tracks:
Americana (with Saw Effect) (0:36) (mix from episode 1)
Dance Of The Dream Man (Flute & Synth Bridge) (0:15) (half-speed end- episode 19)
Dance Of The Dream Man (Solo Vibraphone) (3:25) (unused)
Freshly Squeezed (Slow Solo Vibraphone) (1:47) (unused)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Ghost Version) (Alternate) (1:45) (unused)
Laura Palmer's Theme (High Version) (0:39) (unused)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Piano & Strings Bridge) (0:22) (unused)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Piano A TK3 & Synth) (1:17) (unused)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Harmonium & Synth Intro) (0:35) (unused)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Harmonium Intro) (0:35) (unused)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Solo Dark Synth) (1:56) (unused)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Synth Passage) (0:31) (unused)
Leo's Theme & Danger Theme (Version 2) (Normal Speed) (0:47) (unused)
The Mill Deal (Organ & Synth Reprise) (0:30) (unused)
Sneaky Audrey (Organ) (1:15) (unused)
Sneaky Audrey (Reprise) (0:29) (episode 4)
Solo Percussion 5 (1:41) (unused)
Solo Percussion (Arbitrary Cymbals 2) (0:59) (episode 17)
Plotting Theme (1:36) (unused)
One Armed Man's Theme (Clarinet & Bass Clarinet Combo) (4:57) (mix of OAM & Renault themes)
Scary Sounds 1 (1:00) (FX- used in many episodes)
Scary Sounds 2 (0:57) (FX- used in many episodes)
Giant Appears (0:11) (FX- used in many episodes)
Suspense Tone (0:09) (FX- episode 7)
Threat Tone (0:08) (FX- used in many episodes)
Saw Effect (0:30) (FX- used in many episodes)
Saw Effect/Suspense Music (0:57) (unused)
Three Bullets/Cooper Gets Shot (0:15)(FX- episode 7)
Greasy Spoon (RR song) (3:14) (unused)
A.M. Radio (RR song) (2:29) (unused)
Truckin' Back To You (RR song) (2:19) (unused)
Truck Stop Afternoon (RR song) (2:42) (unused)
Ice-Rink Carnivale (2:45) (unused)
Twin Peaks (Orchestral) (0:28) (unused)
Twin Peaks (Bumper 1) (0:09)
Twin Peaks (Bumper 2) (0:08)

In addition, the bootleg had the original versions of these:
Americana (Original Version) (0:35)[looped & faded in Archive release]
Laura Palmer's Theme (Guardian Angel Version) (Original Version A) (0:50)
Laura Palmer's Theme (Guardian Angel Version) (Original Version B) (1:13)
[A & B combined in Archive release]


  1. and where you can download these songs?

    1. Unfortunately, these tracks still aren't officially available.

  2. Hi Ross

    Where do these tracks actually fit into the TV series order???

  3. >Freshly Squeezed (Bass Clarinet)

    In fact the bootleg version is longer ("Complete Bass Clarinet") - the intro is 2x longer (as in original "Freshly Squeezed"). The released version is the edited one used in episode 8.

    1. You are right Q!!! Luckily that portion can be grabbed from one of the other versions as its before the solo starts.

  4. I find some of these covers your best work yet: beautifully dark Laura Palmer's Theme (solo dark synth) or austere and powerful Laura Palmer's Theme (harmonium & synth intro) were particularly moving. Each image faded or worn out, hinting subtly at our ageing memories. Generally I think your covers work so well because of their elegant simplicity - each one is meticulously framed or ornamented, yet you don't overstate them, letting the beautiful TP images speak for themselves. I've seen many TP fan-art, but few of their authors understood that's the way to go.

    1. Thanks so much for the compliments. Its very much appreciated. I agree that some of my favorites ended up in this batch of covers.