March 29, 2011

Twin Peaks Archive begins...


Well, the wait is over (again). After the release of the original Twin Peaks soundtrack in 1990, and the FWWM soundtrack in 1992, Twin Peaks fans had to wait what seemed like an eternity to see any more music released. For a while, it seemed like we may never see any of the incredible music featured in the second season of the series. Until, finally in 2007, somewhat of a miracle happened- a new soundtrack was released featuring many of the most memorable tracks from the second season (and more). At the time, it was rumored that there were actually two soundtrack albums being prepared. But that second release never happened. And fans were left wondering once again if that was the end. Until now- has just relaunched itself as the "David Lynch Music Company", and the most exciting thing about it is the creation of an "open Album" called "The Twin Peaks Archive" that will focus on bringing us rare & unreleased tracks from both the series & FWWM.

The first release is the much-requested "Deer Meadow Shuffle". Amazing. Check out my design for this and other "Twin Peaks Archive" releases by clicking here.

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