March 31, 2011

Annie And Cooper

Here is a design I created for the track "Annie And Cooper". The track is featured in episode 27 when Annie and Cooper dance at the Great Northern. Its finally available for the first time ever from

This was the one track that I was really bummed was left off of the "Second Season & More" release, so its fantastic to finally have it. Its a short track, but a real gem. One of my favorites. (In addition to its main appearance in the Annie & Cooper scene, a brief portion of this track is also heard in episode 22 when James confronts Evelyn.)

Check out my other track designs for these releases by clicking on the Twin Peaks Archive tab.


  1. Yes...lovely adorable track.

    It instantly made me think of the beginning of the film Withnail & I...which has a gorgeous opening track by King Curtis...a brilliant sax cover of 'a whiter shade of pale'

    Have a look see...but maybe you already know it/heard it!

  2. One of my favorite tunes- and scenes from TP. And thanks for the link. Love the sax.