August 10, 2014

MixCloud changes

So, it seems that Mixcloud has changed their copyright restrictions, and no longer lets people in the US listen to mixes that have 4 or more tracks by the same artist! Meaning none of my 10 Twin Peaks mixes can be listened to in the US anymore! Which really sucks, as I spent a lot of time preparing and posting them for people to hear.

Does anyone have any ideas as to an alternative? In addition, I had planned on posting the Bootleg mixes as a MixCloud mix as well, but there seems to be no point in doing so now.

Any feedback and/or ideas would be welcome! Thanks.


  1. You should look into . It may cost a small amount of money for larger files though. I want that bootleg mix!

  2. Maybe these?
    I also heard something really good about AmazonMP3, but never got a chance to use that and I even have no idea if it fits.

    Can't wait to hear Bootlegs and CD21 missing stuff!

  3. When reupload, could you include a 2 sec pause between tracks. Much easier to separate them.