August 11, 2014

Atmospherics Music

For anyone wondering which tracks are used for the blu ray disc menus, or "Atmospherics", here's the breakdown:

1. Trees/Woods
Love Theme Farewell

2. Pie
Solo Percussion 1

3. Signs/Places
Harold's Theme (The Living Novel)

4. Coffee
Dance Of The Dream Man (Soundtrack Mix)

5. Notes
Laura Palmer's Theme (Caroline Version)

6. Water
Twin Peaks (Alternate Version)

Note the new deleted clip from episode 1!

7. Donuts
Solo Percussion 2 (Grady's Waltz)

8. Owls
Owl Cave

9. The Ring
Nightsea Wind

10. The Red Room
The Red Room

Note the never-before-seen deleted clip from the final episode!

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